SUSU and University of Cuba Discuss Creation of a Geoinformation Observatory

Scientists from South Ural State University held a seminar on geoinformatics at the University of Guantanamo (Cuba). After this seminar the representatives Russia and Cuba will discuss the possibility of creating a geoinformation observatory.


“Creation of a geoinformation observatory will allow Cuba and Russia to continue collaboration in the field of geoinformatics,” reports Berenice Servantes, Director of the Russian-Iberoamerican International Center of RSSU. 

Spring at SUSU 2018: Student Creativity Festival Starts

On March 14th, Spring at SUSU 2018 Student Creativity Festival will start at South Ural State University. The festival is being held within the framework of Youth of Chelyabinsk Program, and Russian Student Spring Program for Support and Development of Student Creativity in order to support creative activities of students of our city.

Spring at SUSU 2018 Festival is one of the stages of Student Spring 2018 Festival. The next stage will be held at a city level in April.

Polytechnic Institute Week – Results

SUSU students and teaching staff participated in themed events aimed at forming corporate culture among students and staff of the Polytechnic Institute.

The “Five Elements” quest opened the Week’s events. This name choice is not an accidental one: each station represented one of the 5 faculties of the Institute, and by completing all of the tests, the teams had to build their “rockets” and prepare them for launch.

Student of SUSU EECS Won I am the Professional All-Russian Olympiad

On March 14 of 2018, an award ceremony of medal winners of the first professional Olympiad of students entitled “I am the Professional”, which is a part of the project platform entitled “Russia is the country of possibilities”, was held on the venue of the Russia is the Country of Possibilities Forum at the VDNH.

Office of Academic Writing Invites to English Courses for Preparation of Scientific Publications

SUSU’s Office of Academic Writing opened an admission to courses of English language improvement for successful preparation of scientific publications in the following areas:

  • English language: introduction course of article writing;

  • English language: fundamentals of academic literacy. Grammar and vocabulary;

  • English language: scientometric databases;

  • English language: research article (in English).

SUSU Team Won Media Cup of the Brainfight among Mass Media

The team of SUSU-TV television and radio company and the SUSU Marketing and Strategic Communications Department named Bez Suflera (Without a Souffleur) won a cup of the first in Chelyabinsk’s history Brainfight among mass media.

The venue gathered representatives of television and radio broadcasting, printed and Internet editions and photographers competing in an intellectual fight. According to the game rules, the team which obtains more points by the results of the whole game, becomes the winner.

Japanese Supermicroscope Modernized by Russian Craftsmen Presented in Chelyabinsk

Innovative researchers from Khimki, near Moscow, have thought up how to look inside matter “with the help of a finger”. This is exactly the thing: on their mobile phones users can simply indicate their “point of research”, and the electronic device will analyze it on atomic level!

Can We Replace Sleep With Medications? An Interview on the Occasion of the World Sleep Day

March 16 is the World Sleep Day. On this day, conferences and symposiums dedicated to the increase of awareness about the importance of sleep, problems of sleep, and the influence of diseases connected with sleep disorders on the health of people and the society in general are organized. At SUSU, the topic of sleep is studied within the study of stress carried out in School of Medical Biology.

Ascension to Parnassus Poetry Contest will be held at South Ural State University

On March 20th Ascension to Parnassus Poetry Contest will be held at South Ural State University.

Student Parnassus Literature Association was created at the SUSU Creativity Center in 1998. It is headed by Lidia Kuleshova, member of the Union of Writers of Russia. At the same time with the Club’s establishing an idea of the Ascension to Parnassus festival came to mind to popularize and support creative development of student young poets.

Meeting with Irina Gekht, Member of the Federation Council Was Held at SUSU

On March 14th a meeting with Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Committee for Agriculture-and-Food Policy and Use of Natural Resource Irina Gekht was held at South Ural State University.

Social and agricultural policies became the topic of the meeting. Changing priorities in social support with consideration to targeting and needs was discussed.

“Recyclable Materials Are a Resource Which Can Be and Should Be Reused” – Ecology Week to Be Held at SUSU

March 18th through 23rd, during the Ecology Week event, SUSU students will be able to learn everything about the importance of separate collection of waste, hand over items they don’t need for recycling, visit a free market, and create items from recyclable materials at one of the master classes.

Hack the Media Hackathon: Searching for New Ideas and Solutions in Digital Media, AI and Big Data

Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV company announces the launch of their first hackathon, in which they are searching for projects with ready-made solutions, as well as for young developers and analysts who have ideas on creating new algorithms for data processing. The Hackathon will be held in Moscow, April 7th-8th.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV is part of Gazprom-Media Holding and owns the channels TNT, TV-3, Pyatnitsa!, TNT4, 2x2, and Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media producing companies.

Water as Fuel: SUSU Scientists Working on Creating a New Generation of Catalysts

The issue of using human- and environment-friendly technologies is a topical one throughout the world. One of the most contemporary methods of environment cleaning is photocatalysis. A scientist from South Ural State University Igor Krivtsov collaborating with Spanish University of Oviedo is successfully working on creating an innovative photocatalyst.

What Is Photocatalysis?

SUSU Master’s Degree Student Optimizes Die Forging Processes

Today on the market of pipeline fittings a significant segment is occupied by flanges used for connection of pipes. Despite the fact that Russian companies are leaders of this market, they often use outdated technologies. The scientists from South Ural State University are working on expanding technological possibilities of processes of hot die forging to make them more cost-effective.

Weldneck Flanges for Pipelines

SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Launches Internet Quest on International Pi Day

International Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th. This unofficial holiday was thought up by physicist Larry Shaw in 1987. He noted that in the American system of dates, in which the month is written before the day, the date of March 14th – 3/14 – matches the first numbers of π – 3.14. The SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics prepared an internet quest dedicated to this holiday.

South Ural Invites Young Russian Researchers to Academic Readings on Clinical Medicine

Academic Readings: Fundamental Sciences and Clinical Medicine all-Russian scienсe-to-practice conference for young researchers and specialists in various fields of science and medicine will be held in Chelyabinsk. This is a large space for the exchanging experience and gaining new knowledge and contacts for the whole scientific community.

SUSU Student Wins Gold in Archery at the Asia Cup

Student of the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Anton Bulaev became the winner of a gold medal in the team event at the First Stage of the Asia Cup on archery.

Anton is a first-year student at ISTS under Physical Culture program. He has been training in archery for 10 years already and has earned many honourable awards over this time.

SUSU Team Wins Silver Medal at the 5th All-Russian Winter Universiade

On February 6th the final round of the 5th All-Russian Winter Universiade 2018 completed in Nizhni Tagil. As a result of the competition SUSU team took the 2nd place in the team scoring in orienteering. The team’s coach is Associate Professor at the Department of Self-perfection in Sports of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service Elena Savinykh.

Tatiana Zenina: “Friendly Atmosphere Helps Our Group Win!”

The Head of the legendary SUSU’s Ballroom Dancing Group celebrates her anniversary.

Tatiana Zenina is an Honoured Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation. Tatiana Aleksandrovna has received many reputable awards, which are only given to those who are true professionals in what they do. For 18 years she has been the Head of the SUSU’s Ballroom Dancing Group established in 2000.

A Week of Polytechnic Institute Starts at SUSU

From the 12th till the 18th of March, a week dedicated to the Polytechnic Institute is to be held at South Ural State University; within the week, students and teachers will take part in theme-related events targeted at formation of corporate culture of SUSU Polytechnic Institute’s students and staff.

Events of the Week of Polytechnic Institute

On March 13, deans will have meetings with group activists

SUSU Researchers Synthesizing Antimony Compounds for Creation of Anti-cancer Medications

South Ural State University is successfully supporting gifted students. All winners of the On to Discoveries contest held at SUSU under Project 5-100 earned grants for completion of their research projects. One of those winners was Andrey Efremov, a student of the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Research on Antimony Compounds

GIS-technologies: How SUSU Scientists Are Creating High-precision Maps by Using Drones


Every year, every second Sunday of March a Day of the Workers of Geodesy and Cartography is celebrated in Russia. In SUSU this holiday is celebrated by the employees of Geoinformation Systems Research and Education Center. 

The Center deals with creating and filling geoinformation systems: processing of satellite images, creating of orthophotomaps, cartographical materials and digital terrain models.

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