“I like creating atmosphere of a celebration”: an Interview with the Head of SUSU’s School of Sound Operators and DJs

Since 2013, SUSU has a School of Sound Operators and DJs which is a musical educational project which allows training those who like the world of music, the art of sound engineering, deejaying and c-deejaying. Within the School students attend classes where they study the theory of sound, sonic equipment, and get practical knowledge. Graduates of the School are residents of the best clubs and entertainment institutions of the city.

"Happy is the person,who has childhood inside!": in SUSU held a festive concert

March 7 at the South Ural State University hosted a concert "Mary Poppins & co", which was attended by children and grandchildren of teachers and staff of SUSU. The head of the modern dance Studio "Deep vision" Ekaterina Galanova has become the fabulous Mary – a favorite of children and adults.

Greetings from SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov on the International Women’s Day

Dear Ladies,

Our sincere congratulations on the International Women’s Day!

This beautiful celebration of spring belongs to you, who are good-hearted, caring and one of a kind. You have a unique power to inspire reaching the highest heights, you give meaning to life and fill it with joy, happiness and comfort.

International Women’s Day: Emotions of Participants before the Concert

As part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day a concert was held at the SUSU Activity Hall where children and grandchildren of the university lecturers and employees took part.

This format of event of suggested by the SUSU Creativity Center headed by Svetlana Filipchuk. The Center’s groups together with children of the employees performed for the audience under various genres: songs, dances and instrumental musical numbers.  

From the Bottom of My Electronic Microcircuits: Vanya the Robot Congratulated Ladies on the Occasion of March 8

March 8 is the International Women’s Day which also celebrates women’s achievements in political, economic and social spheres; it celebrates the past, present and the future of women from around the planet. On the occasion of the holiday, the SUSU group in VKontakte organizes a contest, the first participant in which was Vanya the Robot who congratulated all women.

International Students of SUSU Mastered Skiing and Snowboarding

On March 3, international students of South Ural State University visited the Sunny Valley Ski Resort.

The trip was organized under support of the Center for Sociocultural Adaptation within the Katalitsa project. Head of the Center for Sociocultural AdaptationDina Valeeva, shared details of the sport event.

A New Look at Mendeleev’s Table: SUSU Researchers Systematizing Interactions of Molecules

Transformation of modern views of the physical-chemical construction of the structure of matter is one of the most important modern tendencies in chemistry. Researchers from South Ural State University are working on this breakthrough area. New fundamental knowledge of chemistry will become a launch pad for the next stage of the development of materials science, and digital chemistry technologies will accelerate the spread of practically-significant ideas.

“Writing Is Still the Highest Form of Creativity!” ‑ Interview with Natalya Zykhovksya

For many centuries Russia has been famous for its distinguished poets, essayists and novelists, thanks to whom Russian literature became an integral part of the history of the world’s creative works.

Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Natalya Zykhovskaya tells us who a writer is, and what qualities must she have.

SUSU’s Association of International Students Helps Foreign Students in the Process of Adaptation

On Thursday, March 1st, the Association of International Students jointly with the International Affairs Division of SUSU opened a new room in the Main University Building. This new space combines the functions of a recreation room and a place for AIS’s meetings.

Odyssey of the Mind: Competition of Young Inventors is to be Held at SUSU

On March 3 and 4, the 28th Regional Competition among Participants of International Program for Development of Creative Thinking and Team Consolidation entitled “Odyssey of the Mind” will be held at South Ural State University under support of Chelyabinsk’s Information Center for Atomic Energy.

More than 30 teams from Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk, Miass, Satka, Mezhevoy, Asha, Magnitogorsk, Kremenkul and Almetyevsk will present their solutions of inventive problems which don’t have a common correct solution.

Mary Poppins & Co: International Women’s Day To Be Celebrated at SUSU

On March 7th a holiday concert will be held at South Ural State University in which children of the SUSU lecturers and employees will take part.

Every year the SUSU Creativity Center comes up with a unique format of organizing celebrations. This year the concert’s slogan will sound as “You’re Happy If You’re Still a Child Inside!” The organizers have prepared a truly wonderful and magical celebration, where children and grandchildren of the University lecturers and employees will be performing together with the teams of the Creativity Center.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Savva Shipov: “Digital Economy is a Door to Opportunities”

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation delivered an open lecture on digital economy for the SUSU students, in which he talked about the disappearance of “classic” professions and named digital data the “new oil”.

In the beginning of the lecture, Savva Shipov admitted that of the 10 years he has spent in the government service, the last year of working for the Ministry of Economic Development for the Russian Federation was especially interesting – he spent all of this time developing digital economy.

Metal Cup—2018: Qualification Round of the Championship of Technological Strategy in Metallurgy Held at SUSU

On February 28 through March 1, qualification round of the Metal Cup—2018 International Championship of Technological Strategy in Metallurgy was held in Chelyabinsk on the grounds of South Ural State University. Partner of the Championship is Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, one of the largest Russian companies manufacturing pipe products.

Studying without Boundaries: Contest for Presidential Scholarship for Those Studying Abroad Starts at SUSU

An all-Russian open contest was announced for gaining the Russian President scholarships by candidates from among intramural students (under Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s programs) and postgraduates studying abroad at the expense of the federal budget allocations.

The recommended period of studies is from one semester to one academic year.

The scholarship covers the expenses on studying, obtaining visa, traveling to the place of studies and back, accommodation, health insurance, and use of the local transport.

Jazz Orchestra of SUSU Won Grand Prix of the Live Sound – 2018 Contest

On February 25, SUSU’s Jazz Orchestra conducted by a well-known musician and composer, Georgy Anokhin, won Grand Prix of the Live Sound – 2018 2nd All-Russian Festival Contest of Pop and Jazz Ensembles in Yekaterinburg.

The Orchestra performed famous jazz compositions in a composer’s original arrangement of Georgy Anokhin, and his own compositions.

From the Bottom of the Heart Concert Held at SUSU

A concert entitled “From the Bottom of the Heart” on the occasion of the Defender of the Fatherland Day was held at the Activity Hall of South Ural State University. On a day like this, SUSU students organized the event with a special respect to the guests.

The event was opened by a welcoming speech of Marina Dymova, Assistant of the State Duma Deputy, and Aleksandr Khlyzov, the Deputy of Chelyabinsk’s Central District Administration.

A Screen Protecting Satellites from Micro Asteroids is Being Developed at SUSU

Today the number of satellites in Space is enormous; therefore their reliable and long-lasting service life becomes a topical issue. Even small meteorites and pieces of space debris are dangerous for satellites. Scientists of South Ural State University are working on development of unique composite panels for protecting space objects from meteorites.

Ceramic-and-polymeric composites for protection from micro asteroids

Developments by SUSU Researchers to be Implemented in Cuba

In February 2018, a delegation from South Ural State University visited the University of Guantanamo (Republic of Cuba). During their meeting with Cuban colleagues, our university’s researchers presented their developments in geoinformation systems and discussed further plans for partnership.

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