Try-out Round of the International Festival of Creativity “Together” To Be Held at SUSU

On February 17th a try-out round of the International Festival of Creativity “Together” will be held at South Ural State University.

For several years now SUSU has been organizing a big-scale creativity festival being held in the Chelyabinsk Region and attracting participants from abroad. Both children from 5 years old and adults of up to 45 years old may become the contest participants.

Network of Academic Resources Centers for Training Individuals with Disabilities at Universities Will Expand


On February 12th, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the issues of educating individuals with disabilities. The meeting was held by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, T.Yu. Sinyugina.

SUSU Researchers Obtain New Data on the Chelyabinsk Meteor

The Chelyabinsk meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere on February 15, 2013. It exploded at the height of twenty five kilometers above Chelyabinsk, and the shock wave brought significant damage to the city. Many fragments of the meteor landed across a wide area of the Chelyabinsk Region. South Ural State University researchers gathered meteor dust, the study of which lead to some surprising discoveries.

The Lektoriy Obrazovacha Educational Project Starts at the SEM Business School

Guests of the event will attend 3 interesting lectures. During the Lektoriy, speakers will talk about what draws people’s attention when they see an advertisement; how residents of different countries react on it; why do we need and where is already used heat-resistant concrete based on aluminosilicate spheres – the invention of one of our speakers; and what does Archaeology of the Invisible study, and what did people of the Bronze Age have for food.

SUSU Students Elaborated a Marketing Strategy for Lexus

A social media contest, organized by the HSEM’s Business School and Seyho Motors, is finished at SUSU. Participants had to elaborate a strategy for operating in social networks for Lexus Dealership.

Contestants had a week to analyze modern social networks, review competitor’s groups, determine target audience of Lexus, and on the basis of this elaborate a content-plan for dealership groups.

Safe Antiseptics Being Created at SUSU

Most part of the knowledge being the basis of inorganic chemistry was obtained quite a while ago. Today intensive development of science and industry requires new materials with special properties. One of the promising fields of research is organic compounds of antimony, which have long been attracting attention of scientists by their useful properties.

Chinese Students Are Studying Renewable Power Engineering at SUSU

In September of 2017, South Ural State University, one of the largest and the most well-known universities of Russia, launched a new international education program of double master’s degree study in the specialty of “ Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering” (specialization in “Complex use of renewable sources of energy”).

Creativity Without Stress: SUSU Researchers Develop New System For Labour Motivation

Extreme overworking, fear of not being able to manage a task, fear of making mistakes – these are just a few factors that can lead to chronic stress at work. Researchers at South Ural State University believe that these factors need special attention to increase the effectiveness of one’s professional activities.

VKontakte Social Network Users Asked the Head of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science Questions on the Uniform State Exam

On February 13th the Russian Federation Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilieva in an online #VKLIVE session answered questions of VKontakte social network users. The topic of discussion was holding of the Uniform State Exam (EGE) in 2018.

The users asked the Minister whether the EGE statistics should be “unveiled”. Olga Yurievna explained that it is not correct to treat the EGE as a ranking system.

SUSU Chelbasket Team Will Play Final Home Games in the VTB Student League

On February 16-17, SUSU-Chelbasket team will play final home games in the VTB Student league in season 2017/18.

The SUSU-Chelbasket student team of the city of Chelyabinsk will host teams from the middle of the VTB Student league’s standings on their court: they are teams BARS-RGEU from Rostov-on-Don and BGTU from Belgorod.

Diplomatic Reserve of the State: Interview with Elena Yaroslavova

On the international arena, Russian diplomacy solves a large number of high-priority issues, among which are: fulfillment of the country’s foreign policy; strengthening of political, economic, and cultural relationships with foreign countries; developing strategic partnerships with the European Union, and others; and all of this while advocating national interests of Russia.

SUSU’s Student Scouting Forces Announce Recruitment


SUSU’s Poisk Student Scouting Forces invite all those willing to join their work. Scouting Forces are formed of enthusiasts and like-minded people who respect the history of their Motherland and the unfadable act of courage of the Russian soldiers.

By joining our ranks you get an opportunity to:

  1. Become part of the history of battles fought in the Great Patriotic War;

  2. Pay the tribute to the fallen soldiers;

Championship on Project Management Opened at SUSU

On February 9, a celebratory opening of the Championship on Project Management for the PMCup Chelyabinsk region Governor’s Cup was held for the ninth time.

More than 200 applications from school students and teachers from 25 schools of Chelyabinsk and 36 schools of the Chelyabinsk region were sent for participation. Among participating cities were Asha, Zlatoust, Kopeysk, Magnitogorsk, Miass, Ozersk, Tryokhgorny, Trotsk, Yuzhnouralsk, and Borisovka locality and Etkul locality.

Opening of a Training Simulator of Innovative Equipment from Vaillant Company to be Held at SUSU

The opening of a training simulator of innovative equipment for the joint academic laboratory for the Department of Industrial Thermal Power Engineering and Vaillant Company Group will be held on February 15th at South Ural State University.

The partnership between SUSU and Vaillant began three years ago. With time, the idea to create a training simulator based on innovative equipment sold by Vaillant and shipped to Russia and Europe was brought up.

“Student Wedding” to be Held at SUSU

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, the “Student Wedding” will be held during the large break. As per tradition, the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science invites all willing to register their relationship at the improvised Marriage Registration Office.

During the event, students can not only get married to their other half but also participate in themed contests.

Historians Celebrated the Day of Science with a Victory in an Intellectual Duel

On February 8, a team of historians from the Institute of Social Science and Humanities won an intellectual duel at Science Festival 2018, held on the occasion of the Day of Russian Science. Science Festival 2018 was held at the South Ural Institute of Management and Economics with support from “Prodvizheniye” Institute of Social Innovations of Youth ChROO and ER-Telecom Holding AO.

Students and Postgraduates of Academic Institutions May be Granted Scholarships by the Russian President for Studying Abroad

The annual all-Russian open contest has started for gaining the Russian President scholarships for university students and postgraduates studying abroad.

The contest aims at making the list of students who will be sent to study abroad at the expense of the federal budget allocations – scholarships by the President of the Russian Federation – for the 2018/2019 academic period.

International SUSU Students Learn about Russian Folk Traditions

On February 6th the international SUSU students went snow tubing to Lazurnyi village. The Center for Sociocultural Adaptation of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communication organized this event to let the newly arrived students get a chance to experience all the charms of the Russian winter, and we know that downhill sledging is part of the Russian culture.

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