A Series of Educational Workshops Completed at SUSU


A series of educational workshops on “International Scientific and Educational Collaboration: Grants, Financing and Projects” has completed at SUSU.

In the course of the workshops the University’s professors and employees were provided with information on the possibilities and open applications to international financing organizations.

Struggle and search, discover and develop, – SUSU graduate Vyacheslav Shestopalov


Vyacheslav Shestopalov graduated from the CPI’s Faculty of Metallurgy on the specialty “Corrosion and protection of metals” in 1985. During this time, he passed the uneasy road from postgraduate student to Director General of the company he had been dreaming to establish for many years. Director General of the RB-Composite Scientific and Production Company, advisor of the Carbon and Composite Materials Plant Limited Company of the Rosatom Corporation, Vyacheslav Shestopalov recalls how the CPI turned him into a top-class specialist.

Mini-Football Championship among International Students is to be held at SUSU

On November 4, the Association of International Students supported by the International Affairs Division is going to hold the already-traditional Mini-Football Championship among international students; winners will get the Champions’ Cup. This year, students from Arabic countries, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kirgizia will take part in the event.

SUSU Took Part in the International School on Software Engineering in Germany


October 02 through October 13, 2017 the Fifth International School on Software Engineering was held under Erasmus+ PWs@PhD Project in the University of Rostock (Germany). More than 30 postgraduates and employees of 10 universities from 6 countries took part in this school. Sixrepresentatives of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of South Ural State University were among the school attendees.

Presentation of the Second Volume of the SUSU Art Museum’s Collection Catalog is to be Held at SUSU


Presentation of just-issued edition – the second volume of the SUSU Art Museum’s Collection Catalog which included masterpieces of South Ural’s artists from the 20th and the beginning of the 21th centuries given as a gift to the university’s museum in 2013-2017 is to be held at South Ural State University.

The Deep Vision Dance Theatre Invites to the Festival of Contemporary Choreography


From October 30 through November 5, the International Festival of Contemporary Choreography called “Meteorite Dance Festival2017”, in which dancers from different cities of Russia and the world are to take part, will be held in Chelyabinsk.

“Studying Metallurgy and Power Engineering Provided an Excellent Engineering Background”: SUSU Postgraduate Evgeniy Sirotkin


Recently, it became popular to study several specialties at once: complete bachelor’s or specialist studies in one sphere, and then apply for master’s degree studies in another one. The third-year postgraduate student of the SUSU Power Engineering Faculty Evgeniy Sirotkin told us about how he transferred from the sphere of metallurgy to power engineering, and what large scientific project is now taking the bigger part of his time.

− Why did you decide to enroll to the Metallurgical Faculty?

Flights will Become Safer: Aircraft Engine of New Generation Gets Improved at the Center of Computer Engineering


A joint project realized in collaboration with the Perm Engines UEC is nearing its completion. The project started in August and is dedicated to developing a method of choosing optimal geometric parameters which ensure longevity of combustion chamber casing of an aircraft gas-turbine engine. And this means that flights of Russian aviation will become safer.

Tales are the Foundation of Our Life, Says Evgeniy Koltunov, Research Fellow of SUSU about Psychology of a Russian Tale


Amazing people, who are able to open the world of wizardry and mysteries to other people, are working at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities. On the eve of the most mystical holiday – Halloween – research fellow of the Laboratory of Psychology and Psychophysiology of Stress Resistance and Creativity Evgeniy Koltuniv shared his knowledge about the world of Russian tale and the symbolism of its characters.

SUSU Scientists Discover a Way to Protect Body against Radiation from Microwave Ovens and Cellular Communication Systems


A project by the South Ural State University scientists aims at elaborating a physical-and-chemical background for production of barium-hexaferrite-based single crystals to be further adapted to designation and characteristics of certain microwave electronics devices.

New Finances for Young Innovators: the Forward to Discoveries Contest Wrapped Up at SUSU


It is fashionable today to have a start-up. But a good idea is not enough for the viability of a start-up! Even the most well-thought-out innovative project needs consistent funding. The majority of young people who work on finding unique, innovative solutions don’t have time and energy to also search for investors. This is where the university helps. Within the 5-100 Project which has been in force at SUSU for a couple years now, young researchers, postgraduates, and students gain financing for realization of the most unexpected and ambitious ideas.

Information Day for International Students Held at SUSU


On October 25 of 2017, in the conference hall of South Ural State University’s Sigma academic building, the annual information day was held in three languages: Arabic, Chinese and English. The event was organizedspecially for international students and postgraduates of visa countries. The meeting was held by Head of the International Affairs Division Olga Yaroshenko.

Russian Response to Halloween!


On the 31st of October in many countries of the world people celebrate Halloween. Russia is already getting used to this tradition as well, but surely Russian folklore has enough of its own remarkable and vibrant characters representing the so-called evil creatures. That is why the slogan of the October 31st celebrations at South Ural State University will sound like “Russian Response to Halloween”.

“Anyone can Study with Us from Anywhere in the World,” Aleksandr Demin on the Development of SUSU’s Online Education Technologies


South Ural State University is successfully implementing modern academic techniques, among which is online education. The SUSU Institute of Open and Distance Education, formed in 2004, helps in forming the university’s online academic space and integrate distance technologies into the activities of all of the university’s divisions.

Research Projects of SUSU Postgraduates: Development of a Model Predicting Information Stress Susceptibility


A postgraduate student of the Faculty of Psychology Svetlana Korobova was awarded a prize at the Prospects of Science 2016 contest. Svetlana came up with a mathematical model allowing to predict stress response in case of information exposure, based on personality traits data.

Green Light Only: Interview with the Head of the Ural Drifting League Sergey Ankudinov


It’s difficult for us to imagine our lives today without vehicles, and every year, they become faster, safer, and even more ecological. The Head of the Ural Drifting League and the Assistant Dean of the SUSU Automobile and Tractor Faculty Sergey Ankudinov told us about his passion for cars and the secret to success in competitions.

– Where did your love for cars begin?

“A Unique Sorbent has been Developed at SUSU Able to Block Radiation


South Ural State University makes a sizable contribution to protecting nature by solving serious ecological problems. Here, 20 years ago, doctor of technical sciences, professor Gennady Mikhailov and doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Igor Pashkeev developed a truly unique material able to solve global ecological issues – a sorbent with active nanocenters. The sorbent blocks the spread of radioactive materials and cations of heavy metals in open and underground water horizons.

International Scientific and Educational Collaboration: Grants, Financing and Projects are to be Discussed at SUSU


From October 31 till November 2 of 2017, a series of informative workshops themed “International Scientific and Educational Collaboration: Grants, Financing and Projects” is to be held at SUSU. The event is held in order to develop international scientific collaboration and enhance qualification of research staff in the field of preparing grant applications.

During the workshop, the following issues are to be considered:

  • Terms and requirements for participation in foreign grant-issuing organizations,

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