South Ural Scientists are Perfecting the Process of Obtaining Popular Photocatalyst


Environmental problems today are as relevant as ever. Scientists are searching for ways to diminish harmful industrial influence on nature. One of the ways to protect the environment, without a doubt, is the use of filters for water and air clarification of harmful substances. A comparatively common way for decaying filtered harmful chemicals is photocatalysis. One of the most frequently researched photocatalysts is titanium dioxide. Besides, titanium oxide is widely used as acid catalyst, material for membranes and for sorbents.

Selections for the School of Student Mentors Begin at SUSU


Each year on the last week of August, training is held for students for the title of student mentor. These are students who know the structure of the university very well and are ready to help first-year students adapt to student life.

On August 24th, candidates for mentors will begin training in all of the layers of university life: the academic process, extracurricular activities, and knowledge of the university structure.

SUSU Participates in New Project Erasmus+


The European Commission supported the realization of the SUSU project on Enhancing University Teaching in Thermal Power Systems for Cleaner Environment with Parallel Improvements in PhD Skills Development. The participants of this project include the SUSU Department of Combustion Engines and Automotive Electronic Systems under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Vladislav Lazarev.

This project was developed along with nine universities from countries of the European Union, Russia, China, and Kazakhstan:

South Ural Archaeologists Perform Excavations on the Border between Europe and Asia


South Ural is a link point between Europe and Asia. Geographically it is located at the junction of two big archaeological provinces – the Asian and European ones. Various historical connections took place via this region: peoples’ migration, cultural interaction, etc. This was the place where several culture waves rolling from the West to the East collided.

Admissions Announced for the Lingva Program for Additional Linguistics Training


Masters, postgraduates, young researchers, research staff have the unique chance to complete training in the Lingva additional linguistics training program in the 2017/2018 academic year within the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project.

The length of the course is 240 hours a year.

After successful completion of this training course a certification of improved qualifications is issued.

Documents to enter the competitive admissions and enter the program must be submitted before September 3rd 2017.

Future Factory at SUSU: Center of Computer Engineering Starts Creating Digital Platforms


Technologies of “Industry 4.0” get into our lives every day. Mathematical simulation of mechanic engineering devices and technology processes of their manufacturing find support at the high governmental level. For instance, on July 20 a session on development and implementation of the Technet roadmap, in the frameworks of the national technological initiative targeted at creating conditions for global technological leadership of Russia by the year of 2035, was held at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“Ready for Takeoff”: SUSU Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Celebrates Aviation Day


In Russia, Aviation Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of August. What is special about this day is that this professional holiday for aviators is not only celebrated by specialists with a relationship to the air force but everyone who uses air transport and those who are still training for the aviation profession.

Hypoxia Tolerance and Quick Recovery of Athletes: Unique Developments of the SUSU Research Center for Sport Science


Interest in healthy lifestyle is constantly increasing. More and more people switch to healthy diets and go in for sports. Science also pays a lot of attention to human health issues. Back in 2013 a Research Center for Sport Science, unique for Russia, was established at the South Ural State University. The research activity is performed based on data from the SUSU Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service.

“Innovator’s Navigator”: SUSU Presents Skolkovo Research & Development Results


A visiting school of Skolkovo Foundation “Innovator’s Navigator” is being held at Chelyabinsk IT Park on August 16-19. SUSU students and researchers are demonstrating their research-and-development projects to the speakers of the innovation centre.

Among the event organizers are: Skolkovo Foundation, Open University Skolkovo and Information Technologies Technopark IT Park. Researchers, postgraduates and representatives of small innovation enterprises are participating in this event. South Ural State University is seen as a front runner at the event.

Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Presents Awards to SUSU Researchers


The deputy governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Vadim Evdokimov, presented awards to honored workers of physical culture and sport in the region at a ceremony in honor of the Russian Athlete Day which is celebrated on the second Saturday of August in Russia. This year it was August 12th.

Industrial Revolution: SUSU, MMK and SMS Group Create a Digital Enterprise


Trilateral seminar on the topics: “Industry 4.0” and “Implementation of digital technologies” took place at the largest university of the South Ural.

In order to conduct the seminar, SUSU representatives, specialists of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and the leadership of the SMS Group Company gathered at the round table. The major goal of the event was discussing a joint project. First of all, the point at issue was about innovation technologies – the so-called “Industry 4.0”, or mathematical simulation of technology processes, in which MMK is interested.

Accuracy is Politeness for Engineers: Manipulators of the Future Modeled at the Center of Computer Engineering


The SUSU Center of Computer Engineering is increasing the pace of its innovative developments and scientific potential. In July, the Russian Higher Attestation Commission confirmed the academic title candidate of technical sciences for the head of the department of calculations and testing of the CCE, Oleg Kudryavtsev. We spoke with the new candidate of science on high-accuracy robotics, modern materials and the art of taking a hit, secrets of successful time management, and the meteorite that brought success.

Being a Scientist is Trending: SUSU Organized “The City of Professions” for Campers of the “Kurchatovets” Children’s Camp


“The City of Professions” is an outdoor event of South Ural State University held for promoting scientific knowledge among school students of different ages. This time, SUSU staff attended the Day of Science in a summer scientific school of the Chelyabinsk region named “Kurchatovets”.

Head of the SUSU's Constitutional Law Department Elena Titova Became a Contender for CEC Membership


Head of the SUSU’s Constitutional Law Department Elena Titova is recommended by the CEC to be included in membership of the region’s Election commission. Voting in the Central Election Commission of Russia took place on August, 9. Candidature of Elena Titova was unanimously approved by the CEC. Its Chair, Ella Pamfilova, noted that this candidature is not questionable.

SUSU Student Wins the Regional Stage of the Russian Competition “Russian Young Businessman-2017”


Ivan Volkov, student of the SUSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, received a prize in the category “Social business of the year” for the development of a mobile app for individuals with diabetes.

Ivan proved that socially-significant projects are needed not just in the Chelyabinsk region but in the whole country.

“Study, and You Will be Go-Getters Your Whole Life,” – SUSU Graduate, Professor of the University of Michigan, Sergey Gladyshev


SUSU graduates are respected for their professionalism far outside of the borders of Russia. Among them is Sergey Gladyshev, who graduated from the SUSU Faculty of Instrument Building in the program Automation and Telemetry. He successfully built a career for himself in his alma mater, having laid the foundation for a new area of training, and then went to master new heights of science in the United States of America. Today professor of the University of Michigan Sergey Gladyshev remembers his alma mater with thanks.

SUSU is rapidly improving in the world ranking


The end of July saw the coming out of the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities that provides web indicators for more 20 000 universities worldwide. SUSU is one of Project 5-100 participants to have significantly improved its performance for the last 6 months. Since July 2016, SUSU has improved its ranking for 213 points and is now ranked as 2 089th in the world.

SUSU Enters the RUR International University Ratings for the First Time


The largest university in the South Ural region took 718th in the overall ratings and 517th in the ratings for teaching quality.

Round University Ranking (RUR) is one of the international ratings, whose contents are curated by the British operator Times Higher Education. This is the only international ratings for which the operator (the RUR agency) is based in Moscow. Among the 763 universities that were included, 67 of them are Russian.

SUSU to Hold an International Conference on the Geology of Metals in Miass


On August 4th through 9th in the Miass branch of SUSU, a large international event will be held – the XXXIV Scientific International Geological Conference, Magmatism of the Planet and Related Deposits of Strategic Metals, which will bring together participants from 34 countries around the world. The conference is being held together with the Institute of Mineralogy for the Ural Division RAS and the V.I. Vernadskiy RAS Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

South Ural Researchers Working on the Creation of a New Generation of Nanofilters


Researchers never rest. You can make this conclusion by walking through the university’s corridors in the summer months. Work is brewing at SEC Nanotechnologies at South Ural State University no matter the time of year.

Dmitriy Zherebtsov, senior researcher of the Department of Materials Science and Physical Chemistry of Materials, engineer of the SEC Nanotechnologies, told us that SUSU’S group of chemists is searching for new crystallized forms of carbon.

What is a vat dye?

“I Found a Job that Matches my Degree!”: SUSU Graduate on Working at the DST-Ural Factory


South Ural State University has been partnered with the DST-Ural Factory for many years already. Their work involves the design and development of bulldozers and technology based upon them.

SUSU students have a chance to practice in a factory, gather experience, and gain helpful knowledge. But there are also students who have found their calling and their place during their summer practicals. The new generation of graduates who began working in the DST-Ural factory enabled success in manufacturing and advancement of the TM10 machines.

Safeguarding People’s Health: SUSU Scientists Developed a Unique System for Assessing Diseases Caused by Excessive Alcohol Drinking


Let us talk about serious things: what can be more important for us than health of our loved ones? But a healthy person should be healthy not only physically, but also psychologically.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, in 2010 alone, more than 2 millions of alcohol addicted people were registered, among them 19 thousand residents of the country suffered from severe alcoholic psychosis. And these numbers increase year by year.

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