SUSU and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage Signed an Agreement on Collaboration


Earlier, the university’s scientists more than once were involved in ecological projects of Chelyabinsk as experts.

South Ural State University and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage have been cooperating at different levels for more than one year. Today the agreement on collaboration was signed officially. This time, the parties set other goals: to implement into the university’s system of education a study plan for students’ training for working at the directorate of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage.

SUSU Creates Complex Metal and Composite Components on a 3D Printer


The Laboratory of Micropowder (Aerospace Technologies REC) has been operating at South Ural State University for a few years already.

In the beginning, the laboratory was tasked with manufacturing high-quality metallic powders which can be used in additive technologies. Pavel Lykov, candidate of technical sciences, head researcher of the laboratory and Rustam Baitimerov, engineer and researcher at the laboratory tell us about the developments.

«SUSU on Camera»: A Contest of Love to the Alma Mater in the Largest University of the Southern Urals


South Ural State University has held a photo contest «SUSU on Camera». Students were asked to express their love to the university with the help of photos in social networks. Valeria Aleksandrova, Yana Osinskay and Uvindu Ayas, a student from Sri Lanka, became the winners. 

«Innovation and creativity is in the DNA of this institution» – interview with QS specialists


The QS specialists Shadi Hijazi and Jacques Faisant de Champchesnel visited SUSU. The company conducts expert and analytical research and annually publishes competent rankings of the best universities in the world. In the framework of implementation of the Action Plan on realization of the Competitiveness Enhancement Program (Roadmap), the QS specialists and SUSU discussed the development and implementation of measures for increasing the University’s reputation in the international arena.

“Lecturer Avatar, Quantorium, and Emulator Trainor,” Georgiy Kalyagin on the Innovative Developments of Academic Technology at SUSU


Once again, the technical sphere of education is developing in Russia. In our country, it is once again prestigious to be an engineer, builder, or aviator. The basis of quality professional technical education is, on the one hand, the highly qualified staff of a university, and on the other, the high-tech material and informational infrastructure of the academic process.

“A Unique Sorbent has been Developed at SUSU Able to Block Radiation Like it was ‘in Jail”


On June 5th, the whole world celebrates the World Environment day. South Ural State University makes a sizable contribution to protecting nature by solving serious ecological problems. Here, 20 years ago, doctor of technical sciences, professor Gennady Mikhailov and doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Igor Pashkeev developed a truly unique material able to solve global ecological issues – a sorbent with active nanocenters. The sorbent blocks the spread of radioactive materials and cations of heavy metals in open and underground water horizons.

Meeting of The International Scientific Council at SUSU


Dear colleagues!

Dynamic development and a thoroughly elaborated programme for the university international competitiveness made it possible for South Ural State University to join Project 5-100 two years ago.

The strategic goal of SUSU (NRU) is to become a global leader in the education and scientific community by 2020. To achieve this goal, the university is accumulating the best global practices developing its own individual path on their basis for integrating into the international academic community.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Natural Sciences Spoke at the International Conference in Italy


The head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Programming of the SUSU Institute of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Science in Mathematics and Physics, Associate Professor Alena Zamyshlyaeva has taken part in the International Conference on Partial Differential Equations and Applications, which was held in Bologna (Italy). She delivered a report on Sobolev type equations of higher order and applications.

Only one Earth: people celebrate the World Environment Day


The 5th of June is the World Environment Day, and also the Day of the Ecologist. The problem of global pollution of the environment is not novel, each year scientists and companies develop new and more effective methods for its solution. One of such companies is Coca-Cola HBC Russia, which cooperates with SUSU. We asked the Coca-Cola Hellenic regional director for external and internal communications Marina Mokina, what Coca-Cola does for improving ecological situation, and how students of our university participate in the activity.

Philosophy + Theatre: Philosophical Understanding of Theatrical Action


The Department of Philosophy of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities presents a new project Philosophy+Theatre within the strategic scientific area Philosophy in Education together with the municipal autonomic institution New Artistic Theatre.

On June 2nd at 17:00 in the SUSU Pushkin Hall there will be a round table, Philosophy+Theatre, the central topic of which will be discussion of philosophical ideas for the NAT show for the F.M. Dostoyevsky novel Demons (Besy). 

Proper Nutrition and Physical Activity are the Keys to a Balanced Body” – Interview with Ilya Dremenkov


On May 30th Ilya Dremenkov, head of the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology of the Center of Bioscience of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, associate professor of the Department of Food and Biotechnology of the SUSU School of Medical Biology, visited SUSU. He held a few lectures on the topic of nutrition and physical activity, about which we spoke with him.

– You offer lectures for students and teachers on the topic of the neuropsychophysiology of nutrition. Why is studying this issue important?

“Drink Milk, Children, and Be Healthy!,” SUSU Expert Discusses how to Buy Quality Milk and Yogurt


In our time, a huge selection of milk and dairy products are presented to the buyer on the supermarket shelf. But this doesn’t mean that all of them are high-quality and bring people some special benefit. Guzel Alkhamova, candidate of technical sciences and associate professor of the SUSU School of Medical Bioogy.

Sports Festival-2017 Finished at SUSU


Sport is one of the most important aspects of our life. Staying fit is the right way to health and development.

South Ural State University provides an opportunity to plunge into the world of sports for all who wants to: annually at the parking lot in front of the main building the Sports Festival is held. This year, in the framework of the sport’s week the event was held on May 26.

For the participants, five sport grounds were organized: for streetball, flatball, archery tag, slacklining and even for checkers tournament.

South Ural Researchers Solving Issues of Energy Saving in Industrial Companies


Today, the Department of Automated Manufacturing Engineering of the SUSU Polytechnic Institute are completing multi-profile research in current scientific areas important for the whole region. Close ties with large businesses of Chelyabinsk allow them to receive practically-meaningful results aimed at the modernization of our region’s industry.

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