Competitive Programming Individual Championship Held at SUSU


The competitive programming individual championship of the Institute of Natural Sciences was held on Saturday, October 14th. Students of the SUSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, ChelSU students, and school pupils from Chelyabinsk were also able to participate.

Internationalism with a Human Face: Researchers Discuss the Specifics of Soviet Cultural Diplomacy


The scientific discussion group “Internationalism with a Human Face: Active Participants, Contact Groups, and Targeted Audience of the Soviet Cultural Diplomacy (1945-1991)” was held at the German Historical Institute in Moscow on October 14th, 2017. This was organized at the institution by the research group “Soviet Cultural Diplomacy during the Cold War” as part of a grant from the Russian Science Foundation.

Staff of the Faculty of Psychology at the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Elected to the Presidium of the Russian Psychological Society


October 5th to 7th, the 6th Forum of Russian Psychologists was held at Kazan Federal University, where Elena Soldatova and Nikolai Baturin along with several distinguished scientists in the field of psychology were elected to the Executive Council of the Russian Psychological Society.

Continuing Education Is Key to Being Successful at the Labour Market!


On October 12th and 13th, a Third International Applied Science Conference titled “A 21st Century University in the System of Continuing Education” was held at South Ural State University.

Every year the leading specialists in the field of additional education gather at this conference and discuss the advantages and prospects of the continuing education development.

Future Factory Opens its Doors: Pitch Session of Russai’s Largest Startup Accelerator Took Place at the SUSU CCE


What is “Smart factory”? What does restrain active implementation of innovations at industrial enterprises? What innovative areas are most viable? Which qualities one should possess to create a business of the future, convince potential customers in its promising outlook, obtain financial support, and get included in the TechNet projects record of the NTI?

High Density Graphite Products: Material with High Performance Properties Created at SUSU


Today, scientific pursuits are primarily based on the actual requirements of manufacturers. The main goal is to change manufacturing techniques to obtain a competitive final product. Researchers at South Ural State University are achieving this goal successfully. One of the examples is the development of methods of preparing products from carbon-graphite powders with high performance properties.

SUSU Associate Professor Presents Her Paper at Conference in the University of Copenhagen


On October 5-7, 2017, in the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the major European conferences, ICLHE “Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education” has been held. It was devoted to integrating training on special disciplines and foreign languages in the higher education system.

SUSU Scientists Conduct Unique Research of Antimony Organic Compounds


In a man’s life, modern chemistry plays a huge role. Success of many branches of human activity such as power engineering, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, light and food industry, etc. greatly depends on the condition and development of chemistry. Meanwhile in chemistry, there is still a lot of unclear and undiscovered. New areas of old science, new substances, new methods for their obtaining and research keep appearing constantly.

The Annual SUSU Blood Donor Day Event is to Take Place at SUSU


On October 17 and 18 the annual SUSU Blood Donor Day event, in which all students and teaching staff of our university can take part, is to be held. The event will take place from 9:00 till 13:00, as doctors determined that human organism easier recover from blood loss in the first half of a day.

At the parking lot near the second SUSU building (Lenin prospect, 85) a specially equipped mobile block-module of the blood transfusion station will be positioned. It is necessary to bring passport with registration (or certificate of temporary registration).

Scientific Projects of SUSU Postgraduates: Synthesis of Substances with Potential Pharmacological Activity


The goal of the Scientific Perspective contest is supporting scientific research of SUSU postgraduates, targeted at solving strategy problems of the university’s development within the Project 5-100. Among winners of 2017 is a postgraduate student of the Institute of Natural Sciences Ksenia Osheko. The main objective of her research is development of synthesis method of a preparation used for treatment of oncology diseases.

Photo Exhibition Will Be Held at SUSU as Part of German Days Festival


October 10th through 13th, a “Nature of Freiberg and Nature of Chelyabinsk” photo exhibition will be held at SUSU within the framework of the German modern culture festival “German Days”. The Festival organization is supported by the German Embassy in Moscow.

The main principle of the Festival remains the same ‑ intercultural communication between Russia and Germany. This year’s Festival held in Chelyabinsk is devoted to ecological issues, and its slogan is “To city ecology via ecology of consciousness”.

SUSU Support of Young Science – a Unique Chance to Tell All about Your Invention


The award ceremony for participants of SUSU’s Support of Young Science contest will be held October 6that Pushkin Hall at South Ural State University.

The development of education and the stimulation of innovation are important strategic tasks for every country. The level of competitiveness of institutions of higher education is a visible demonstration of the level of development of science in the region and the engagement of innovations in the world trends.

Unique Device Protecting People from Electrocution Created at SUSU


The disconnection of a neutral wire in a system of 0.4 kV can lead to an individual being electrocuted. In addition, in such situation, fires are a high risk. South Ural State University researchers have found a way to protect people against the negative effects of a neutral wire disconnecting.

Tourism is an Inexhaustible Source of Discoveries


Striving for knowledge and new discoveries has been setting minds of the greatest men from all over the world for centuries. It is exactly thanks to this strive a man made his initial decision to travel. Thanks to this, the mankind discovered a new unexplored world: foreign cultures, foreign lands, and extraordinary people. Travelling gave a great boost to development of the humanity. Today travel industry – tourism industry – is one of the most in-demand spheres of the modern society, the foundation of many coutries’ economy and an important component of education system.

Your Chance: the Story of Success of the UMNIK Program Winner Igor Oleynik


SUSU students have the opportunity to participate in the program UMNIK, which is dedicated to supporting young researchers’ commercially-oriented technology projects. The winners receive a grant to the tune of 500 thousand rubles for 2 years to develop their innovative projects.

Projects are chosen by their scientific novelty, the relevance of the idea, the technical significance, plan of realization, promise of commercialization of research results, and by evaluation of their capabilities and fascination with their ideas.

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