What Can Hair Tell About? A Non-Invasive Diagnostics of Diseases Is Discovered at SUSU

It is an often case that one’s health and life depend on as quick a disease is found.  That is why today the ways of quick and effective revealing of a disease is one of the most important directions in medicine. At present one of the unique SUSU projects in this field is being carried out.

“Non-invasive diagnostics of different forms of health problems” is a project that will allow health professionals to discover traces of any disease without a blood test. Human hair will become the material for investigation.

“Choosing Journalism Is Explained by the State of the Soul”: Interview with the Dean of the SUSU Faculty of Journalism, Lyudmila Shesterkina

Doctor of Sciences (Philology), Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, Head of the SUSU Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, famous journalist Lyudmila Shesterkina tells us about how many applicants enrolled in the Faculty of Journalism, and where graduates go to work after completing their degrees.

– Tell us please, have you had more or less applicants this year in the journalism group compared to last year?

SUSU to Create a Network of Centers to Promote Russian Language in China

One of the most important fields of development at South Ural State University is broadening international partnership, for which SUSU is actively working on creating and strengthening contacts with international academic organisations. A large number of SUSU’s partner universities are located in China. This year, the quality of the interaction with them can rise to a new level thanks to the university creating its own partner network of Pushkin Institute centers.

Nyazepetrovsk as Viewed by Students of the SUSU Institute of Architecture and Construction

Machine Workshop of Nyazepetrovsk Crane Building Plant, being an architectural and town planning monument, has become the main object of studying for a group of nine freshmen students and their lecturer Maria Fedorova.

Focus on Ancient Greece

Level-based Training and Innovative Developments: How International Students Study Russian at SUSU

Around 2,000 international students from 28 countries around the world study at South Ural State University. Each of them is trying to gain quality knowledge in various fields of study, however, the main goal is to master Russian at a high level. At SUSU, this field is given special attention.

Lyudmila Zadorina: “We teach students life skills and make sure they feel safe”

The Campus of South Ural State University is preparing for the new academic year. In nine student dormitories repairs are being performed in rooms, public places, roof, and overhaul is being performed for engineering networks, and pressure testing of the heating system. On September 1st the refurbished buildings will welcome freshmen and students who will be back from summer vacations, and the vivid “dorm” life will spring to life again. Director of the SUSU Campus Lyudmila Zadorina shares on good traditions and interesting novelties.

SUSU Students Create Unique Dictionary about Florence

Students of the Department of Linguistics and Translation of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications for many years have been participating in the Dictionaries without Borders international project. The researchers’ work was dedicated to the legendary Italian Florence. The result was an encyclopedic associative dictionary which can be of interest to guides, tourists, students, teachers, philologists, art historians, biographers, and all fans of Italian culture.

Dictionary Titled Florence in the Works of World Famous People

“Excellent Practice!”: Students from Kazakhstan Undertook a Journalistic Training at SUSU

For the eighth time at a run students of Journalism and Communication Management Department of Kostanay State University named after A. Baitursynov undertook an educational training at the Faculty of Journalism at SUSU in the frames of academic mobility program. Here they are attracted by the possibility of taking a practice in the conditions of digital integration of university mass media on the basis of world-class media laboratory – 360-degree multimedia newsroom of SUSU.

Employment Application Form

All applicants should send the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter;
  2. A copy of the 1st page of the national passport (bibliographical page). Please make sure the photograph and text are clearly visible;
  3. Copies of all your certificates, diplomas and degrees (including B.A., B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc, etc.) and transcripts/diploma supplements;
  4. Recommendation letters;
  5. List of major publications. Please include the date, title and URL for each publication.

Please send this application form with all supporting documents to irc[at]susu[dot]ru

Industry Leaders Are Interested in SUSU Innovations

An exhibit by South Ural State University presented innovative developments at he main space for leaders of the industry sector – INNOPROM exhibition.

In 2018, INNOPROM exhibition became the main market for industrial technology, equipment, and services for four days. This year, INNOPROM, the main theme of which was digital industry, significantly increased its professional audience. 107 countries took part in the exhibition as exhibitors, delegates, honored guests, and business representatives.

SUSU Students to Volunteer at SCO and BRICS Summits

The international summits for SCO and BRICS will be held in Chelyabinsk in 2020. South Ural State University will become the main location for volunteer training.

Deputy Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department Veronika Livonchik speaks to us about volunteer training and what benefits people can receive by working at the summits.

“Right now, we are preparing a number of international events in which students are actively participating. There are many who wish to join. I think that in the future, they will become volunteers in 2020.”

SUSU Students Have the Unique Chance to Obtain Education in European Universities

South Ural State University, which is in the Top 1000 among universities around the world according to the leading consulting company QS, is actively expanding its scientific connections and strengthening international partnership with universities of other countries. The university offers opportunities to students, researchers, and teachers to obtain quality academic and research training in major universities in Europe within academic mobility programs.

“The Main Thing Is a Positive Attitude and a Clear Mind”: SUSU Graduate on Volunteering for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA 2018 World Cup has wrapped up in Russia. A few thousand volunteers came to help hold this large-scale event. Among them were SUSU students. Zlata Ponomareva graduated from the Faculty of Journalism this year. Immediately after defending her final project, she set off for Saint Petersburg to work in the “Assisting the Work of the Media” category of volunteers.

— How were volunteers chosen? Was it easy to become part of such an important sporting event?

Future Court-appointed Managers Were Awarded Diplomas at the SUSU MBA Center

On July 13th at South Ural State University 11 graduates of professional re-training program on Anti-crisis Management and Training of Court-appointed Managers were awarded diplomas.

The SUSU’s program on training court-appointed managers is being fulfilled since 2000. Over that time more than 700 managers and specialists involved in this field have undergone re-training. On the relevance of this re-training program shares Director of the SUSU MBA Center Irina Dergaleva:

SUSU Researchers Discovered Where Traces of Illnesses of Ancient Men Are Preserved

Researchers from South Ural State University, as part of an international team of archaeologists and paleontologists, are studying illnesses, the traces of which were detected when analyzing DNA of people from the Bronze Age. They were able to establish that among the bones of ancient men, teeth most clearly show the picture of human diseases.

Paradoxical DNA Data

The World Has Finally Seen It - Russia Can Play Football: SUSU Experts on 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup took place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. The 64 matches were played in 12 venues across 11 host cities: Moscow, Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, and Yekaterinburg. The event has profoundly affected Russia’s social and cultural life and reached all countries and all nations in the world. More than 2 million people visited Russia to watch the World Cup. Experts of South Ural State University shared their views on the 2018 FIFA World Cup and its role for Russia.

First Session at the Olimp Camp Wraps Up

On July 12th, the first session at Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp, which brought together many active and talented students, completed.

Olimp Sports and Recreation Camp has accumulated many good traditions over the years of its existence. One of these is that students who come to the camp once, return to it again and again. The Deputy Head of the Extracurricular Activities Department and Head of Olimp SRC Veronika Livonchik speaks about how the first session went and who became pioneers of the summer season.

“University Taught Me Most Important Things” –Head of the Department for Technologies and Research of ChelPipe on Studying at SUSU

Over the 75 years since its founding day, more than 250,000 students have graduated from South Ural State University, many of whom have obtained high positions in big organisations. Aleksandr Romantsov, having obtained a quality engineering education at SUSU, got employed at Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant (ChelPipe). He speaks about what is important for students to know for their careers to be successful.

— Please tell us, why did you choose South Ural State University for enrollment?

Device for Rehabilitation of People with Leg Injuries is Developed at SUSU

Uniqueness of SUSU scientists’ development consists in the fact that this device unlike other analogous devices allows involving all the joints of lower limb. Patented know-how can be applied not only for rehabilitation after serious injuries or teaching children with infantile cerebral palsy to walk but also for optimization of sportsmen’ technique. 

Digital Production: SUSU Took Part in INNOPROM 2018 Exhibition

On July 9th in Ekaterinburg-EXPO an annual international industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2018 opened, in which South Ural State University is taking part.

INNOPROM exhibition unites the main industrial sectors in one space: industrial automation, metalworking, additive technologies, technologies for the power generation sector, mechanical engineering and production of components for the mechanical engineering sector.

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