Students from China Come in Chelyabinsk to Study the Peculiarities of Food Industry

Today the world leading higher educational establishments actively develop dual diploma programs. Such a form of studying gives students special possibilities which consist not only in studying foreign languages in authentic environment but also in the way to successful career.

Happy World Chocolate Day!

Today is the sweetest day of the year! World Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 11. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate cake… these decadent words are just music to our ears! We love everything about chocolate. Why do we love it so much, and is all chocolate the real chocolate?

Happy World Chocolate Day!

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

Innomobiles at the Start: A Car with No Steering Wheel and Working on Can-fuel Will Appear in Russia

In the nearest future there will be cars in our country which will have no steering wheel, will feature smart anti-theft systems and will work on new green fuels. Scientists from the leading Russian universities are currently working on these projects. Izvestiya have collected data on the most promising research studies aiming to make Russian transport better.

SUSU Institute of Law Master’s Program Under the Guidance of Experienced Mentors

The Master’s program in Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science and Forensic Enquiry is being offered at South Ural State University since 2009. The first graduation was held in 2011.

Advantages and Unique Features of the Master’s Program:

The academic program encompasses the legal disciplines which are in demand for working in law enforcement agencies: the Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the court system, investigation, and in forensic examination.

Disciplines Covered:

SUSU Students Will Be Able to Participate in the International Insurance Olympiad

In October 2018 Strakhovoy Broker Sberbanka LLC (Sberbank Insurance Broker) with support from Lomonosov Moscow State University will launch a project called International Insurance Olympiad. Through this project our company wishes to focus attention public and business circles on the necessity to improving the level of insurance culture in our country.

SUSU Postgraduate Wins in Two Contests

A student of the 2nd year of postgraduate studies from the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of South Ural State University Ekaterina Anikina has become a winner of two contests. As a result she became a participant of Summer School Hermes-2018 on Computer Modeling in Great Britain and a holder scholarship under Visby program.

SUSU to Present Its Developments at the International Exhibition INNOPROM-2018

The international industrial exhibition INNOPROM, which has been held annually since 2010, will be held July 9th through July 12th in Yekaterinburg. South Ural State University will also take part in this large event.

Each year, over 50,000 participants from more than 95 countries attend the INNOPROM exhibition. Around 1,500 journalists from around the world cover this significant event in the industrial field.

SUSU Researchers in an International Team Determine How the Ancient Virus Hepatitis B Spread

Thanks to viral traces in the genomes of ancient people, researchers from South Ural State University were able to determine that man has been suffering from Hepatitis B since at least the Bronze Age. The results of their archaeological digs were part of a project for international collaboration between researchers, which has for several years been analyzing DNA of the remains of ancient people found in areas from Mongolia to Europe with the goal of tracing the path of how some of the ancient illnesses spread and to determine how they might behave in the future.

GIS Clone Our Reality: 5 Years at the Forefront of Science

UralGIS LLC, a SUSU’s small innovative enterprise celebrates its 5th anniversary, and over the course of these years the scientists have been performing online monitoring of territories by using WEB cartographies and GIS technologies. Over this period the company has fulfilled and keeps developing a number of strategically important projects for governmental authorities and enterprises of Russia,as well as of Cuba, Abkhazia, India, and other countries around the world.

Ceremony of Awarding Diplomas to Presidential Program Graduates to Be Held at SUSU

On July 6, 2018 a ceremony of awarding diplomas will take place in Sigma academic building 15:00 to 16:30 for 38 graduates of the Presidential Program on training management specialists in such fields as Strategic Management, and Project Management at an Enterprise.

Summer School in Reginas Company

Summer school has been functioning at the SUSU Department of Cars and Car-caring Service since 2016. It was organized jointly with Reginas Motor Vehicle Complex, which is the biggest operator of the Ural motor vehicle market, and the base enterprise for the Department.

The Head of the Department of Cars and Car-caring Service Aleksandr Rulevsky shares on who attends the school in Reginas, what activities take place there, and whether its participants like it.

– Who is the summer school in Reginas intended for?

SUSU Scientists Develop Smart- and Green-Technologies in Architecture and Construction

Ecological architecture and city-planning ecology are the most intensively developing directions of research, the importance of which is caused by the critical environmental situation and the world’s natural resources depletion. In the meantime development of smart-technologies is of great urgency. Both directions are connected by one of the unique South Ural State University projects.

SUSU’s Wind Turbines Located on the Shore of Barents Sea

Generation of energy using alternative sources is one of the topical tasks of modern science. Today for that purpose we use electromagnetic radiation of the Sun, movement of water in rivers and oceans, as well as kinetic energy of the wind. Scientists of South Ural State University are working in this field: a wind turbine engineered at the university will be improved in the future and will be able to generate more energy.

Make a Scientific Career at SUSU’s Postgraduate Program!

The successful completion of a Master’s program is not a reason to stop moving forward. Many students prefer to move to the next step of the academic stairs called postgraduate studies. Earning an academic degree gives you a chance to not just work in research, but also to expand the horizons of your future. South Ural State University has everything you need for this.

Wunderkind or Innovator? SUSU Researchers Have Come up with a Concept for Developing Children’s Aptitude

The study of creativity has a long history. Creative people include those who have the potential to offer progressive ideas, modernize, and implement innovations. Over 16 years, South Ural State University researchers have kept track of the pupils of a Chelyabinsk lyceum. This multi-year research allowed researchers to test the concept of developing children’s aptitude and determine resources which allow children to maintain and develop their intellect and creativity for many years.

Mohamed Wahballah: Don’t miss your chance to take the best out of SUSU!

With his Master’s studies behind, Mohamed Wahballah is ready to start the next chapter of his life. Having earned a degree in database technology, Mohamed has ambitious plans for the future and is determined to become successful.

– How did you learn about South Ural State University?

75 Years – 250 Thousand Graduates: Graduation Ceremony Was Held at SUSU

Graduates of the 2018 academic year were awarded their degrees at South Ural State University on Saturday, June 30th. Around four thousand SUSU students in graduation caps and gowns were awarded the documents proving completion of their education at one of the leading universities in Russia.

Exhibition of Automobile and Tractor Machinery to Be Held on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of SUSU

Due to the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of South Ural State University and the Automobile and Tractor Faculty, an exhibition of automobile and tractor machinery will be held July 3rd through 13th. It will be organized on the square in front of the university’s main building.

“Beauty has Always Ruled the World, and it Should be in Everything,” – Georgiy Kalyagin on the Development of Industrial Design

On June 29th, the Industrial Design Day was celebrated for the tenth time. On this day in 2007, the International Association of Industrial Designers was founded. These are specialists who work on the aesthetic features of various devices and industrial pieces. At SUSU, a huge amount of technology is created, including teaching equipment, for external appearance of which there are special requirements. Director of the Academic Equipment and Technology Research and Development Institute, Georgiy Kalyagin, told us about this.

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