SUSU GIS technologies define the future of the agro industrial complex


Field Day – 2017 exhibition has been held in the Troitsk are of the Chelyabinsk region. Members of the agro industrial complex from different parts of the Russia and neighbouring countries gathered in the Karsi village. There were agrarians from all over the Ural federal district as well as from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, Rostov and Orenburg regions, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Udmurtia and the Republic of Kazakhstan. South Ural State University was represented by Geoinformation technologies scientific educational center.

Round Table Dedicated to International Dialogue between Russia and Kyrgyzstan Held at SUSU


On June 28th, discussions were held on the trajectories and trends of development for the intercultural dialogue between the peoples of Russia and Kyrgyzstan. The reason for this was the recently-held round table at SUSU, entitled Russia and Kyrgyzstan: New Tendencies of Intercultural Dialogue in the Context of Regional Geopolitics.

Day sports journalist


At all times the sport was a unifying force, uniting under his banner, not only individuals, but entire Nations. A healthy lifestyle, the spirit of fair competition and the world are composing modern sport, combining the best of what humanity has achieved during its development and existence.

Sports journalism socially significant activities associated with the collection, processing and dissemination of relevant sports information by means of mass communication.

From Engineering to Information Technology: SUSU’s Developments for Big Ural’s Manufacturing


On June 20nd within the second day of the strategic session of South Ural State University – a Source of Ideas and Technologies for Big Ural Industry, ten teams of young innovators successfully defended their projects of cooperation with Ural manufacturing companies.

The Ball of School Medallists Was Traditionally Held at SUSU


The traditional Ball of School Medallists was held on June 23. School leavers who had graduated school with a medal, as well as the University staff members, whose children had graduated from school or university, were rewarded at the ball. Graduates from 20 educational partner institutions were present in this event. 

Medallists who wish to enter SUSU will get additional 10 points regarding their individual achievements. Last year over 140 school leavers with golden and silver medals decided to study at our university. 

Day of Inventors and Innovators: SUSU’s Most Successful Developments


On the last Saturday of June the Day of Inventors and Innovators is celebrated every year. At SUSU, researchers work on developments, work on inventions, and form innovative propositions all year.

Inventions are completed on every level, from students to professors. Annually, small innovative businesses are founded at our university based on their creations. The businesses work on transferring technology and offer completed solutions to a wide range of contractual partners.

Roscosmos Strategic Reserve


The issue of preparing workers for modern employers has not lost its importance and relevance. The largest employers typically solve the issue of graduates’ under-preparedness for the business’ real needs by creating corporate universities, the goal of which is to teach the missing knowledge, and sometimes re-teach university graduates.

Today, the law has presented employers a chance to evaluate graduates’ preparedness using a mechanism of professional accreditation.

An Experience not in Vain: SUSU Student on Education in Finland


The dual Russo-Finnish master’s program with Lapeenranta University of Technology opens up the opportunity for SUSU students to receive international education. Pavel Buzin, who studied in a master’s program in Finland for a year, shared his experiences.

– Why did you decide to participate in the program?

Foreign Students Will Get Certificates for Completed Courses


Foreign students of South Ural State University, who have taken courses “Preparation for University Entry” and “Russian as a Foreign Language”, will be awarded certificates on June 26.

Over 150 foreign students from China, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Laos, Congo, Nigeria, Yemen, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and other countries will receive certificates.

An awarding ceremony will be held in the conference hall of the academic building “Sigma” at 13:00.


Patents for Breakthrough Innovative Creations Created and Received by the Largest South Ural Region University


For the 38th time in a row, Russia is celebrating the Day of Inventors and Innovators. Traditionally, on this day a special commission at the Russian Academy of Science presents the most innovative creators the title Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation and Honored Innovator of the Russian Federation. At South Ural State University an Office of Scientific and Innovative Affairs (OSIA) has been founded, the main goal of which is advancing the university’s scientific and innovative potential.

SUSU Takes Part in the “Issues of Ecological Safety for Companies of the Mining and Smelting Complex and Monocities” Conference


As part of a partnership with Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Factory PAO, staff of the Department of Ecology and Chemical Technologies and the Office of Scientific and Innovative Affairs participated in a technical conference entitled Issues of Ecological Safety for Companies of the Mining and Smelting Complex and Monocities.

The Good Faith Principle as a Method for Removing “Grey Spots” in the Law


Tikhon Podshivalov, candidate of legal sciences, head of the Laboratory of Private Law, received a grant as the winner of the contest Support of Young Science within the 5-100 Project. He offered the study of the effects of the good faith principle as a criterion for lawful human behavior.

Day of Inventors and Innovators: Know-How, Trade Secrets, and Unique Copyrights


The Day of Inventors and Innovators is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of June in Russia; this year this is June 24th.

Initially, the Day of Inventors and Innovators was something like the Nobel Prize awards. On June 25th, the Academy of Science considered all innovative propositions put forth in the year preceding, chose the best, and awarded their authors.

From Prototype Creation to Helicopter Engines: the Unlimited Possibilities of the SUSU Experimental Mechanical Engineering Research Institute


The South Ural State University’s Experimental Mechanical Engineering research institute includes five breakthrough laboratories: the Laboratory of Physical Modeling of Thermomechanical Processes, the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics, the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering, the Laboratory of Composite Materials, and the Laboratory of Electronic Management System Shell design. The institute is led by candidate of technical sciences Ramil Zakirov.

Ultrasound Makes Products Better: Researcher from Australia Shares his Knowledge on «Green Chemistry»


One of the visitors to SUSU as part of the International Research Council was physical chemist Muthupandian Ashokkumar, who visited the South Ural capital from the University of Melbourne (Australia). The researcher’s specialty is the production of materials for food and dairy manufacturing.

– Tell us about your partnership with SUSU and future collaborations.

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