Say ‘No’ to Breakdowns and Car Crashes! An Ambitious Project in the Field of Automobile Construction Successfully Completed at SUSU’s Center of Computer Engineering


“The people who do not want to feed their own army will end up feeding somebody else's…” - these immortal words of Napoleon still remain relevant.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reviewed and accepted the results of the project “Scientific research in the field of determining the residual life of the main units and aggregates of military automotive equipment”. The project became a cooperative development of the leader of domestic trucking industry, OJSC KAMAZ and the SUSU Center of Computer Engineering.

The First Prospective Student of SUSU Chose a Master’s Degree Course at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service


On Tuesday, June 20, South Ural State University has launched an enrollment campaign. The first prospective student is Ekaterina Chernova, who has decided to take a master’s degree course at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service. She enjoyed the privilege of cutting the red ribbon.

Applied Science for Development of the Ural Industry: A Strategic Session Started at SUSU


“Applied science should bring a common sense for industrial development of the Urals. Today the cooperation of research teams from universities with key industrial sectors of the region is particularly important,” the Rector Alexander Shestakov emphasized this pivotal trend for development of modern science, welcoming the participants of the strategic session “South Ural State University: A Source of Ideas and Technologies for the Industry of the Big Urals”, which started on June 19 at the premises of the university complex “Sigma”.

“SUSU Will Move Forward Due to the Administration, Students and Academic Staff” – Interview with Jaewan Kim


In the framework of the International Research Council Doctor Jaewan Kim, a professor of the School of Computational Sciences of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Republic of Korea) delivered a lecture on quantum entanglement for students and academic staff of our University. We have asked the professor how quantum computing will affect the future and what skills are required for work with computers and what foreign scholars think of SUSU.

– Tell us about your cooperation with SUSU and future joint projects.

“Chemistry Will Make a Huge Step Far Ahead” –an Interview with Professor Panayiotis Koutentis


– Please tell us about your collaboration with SUSU and future cooperative projects.

– At the moment I am a member of the Council whose goal is to help the university improve its rates in the world rankings by increasing the effectiveness of its operation. This is my second visit. We also came here in the last year’s October. Now we are still at the stage of giving recommendations without having started scientific collaboration yet.

“I am Happy to Note that SUSU is Reaching the Goals it has Set”: Doctor Ron de Kloet Talks about the University’s Progress in the International Arena


As part of the International Research Council (IRC) that was held at South Ural State University June 12th through 14th, the university was visited by researcher from Leiden University, professor of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Art and Science, Doctor Ron De Cloet, who is famous in the international research community for his discoveries in the study of the effects of stress on the brain. He told the university press service about his research, his participation in the IRC, and SUSU’s prospects in the international scientific arena.

From Quantum Entanglement to Tendencies of Industry 4.0


From June 12th through 15th a few notable events occurred at South Ural State University: another meeting - the third - of the International Research Council, a meeting of the Supervisory Council, and lectures and seminars by IRC members – world-renowned researchers who work in the most advanced areas of science and technology including chemistry, biomedicine, and quantum information sciences.

Graduate Student of the South Ural State University, 25-year-old Lolita Bunyaeva, Has Become First Vice-Miss of the Beauty Contest “Miss CIS-2017”


Graduate student of the South Ural State University, 25-year-old Lolita Bunyaeva, has become First Vice-Miss of the beauty contest “Miss CIS-2017”. For her beauty and intelligence, 11 jury members awarded second place to the South Ural beauty who represented Russia in this big contest. Running ahead, we should note that the contest was held in Armenian city of Yerevan; 25 beauties from 13 CIS countries competed for the crown.

SUSU Laboratory Solving the Technological Problems of Large Metal-working Industries


South Ural State University is famous for educating future engineers not just for the region but for the whole country. Special attention is paid to educating specialists for the metal-working industry, the professional education for which is held at the laboratory of Physical Modeling of Thermomechanical Processes (Experimental Engineering National Research Institute) under leadership of Aleksandr Akhmedyanov.

“5 Minutes – The Flight is Normal”: The SUSU Supercomputer Helped to Create the First Russian Aircraft MC-21


MC-21 (“mainline aircraft of XXI c.”), a next-generation passenger aircraft has performed its third shakedown flight, lasting one and a half hours. It is the first passenger-carrying aircraft which has been designed in accordance with Russian technologies. Recently MC-21 has performed its flight task completely.

The Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory of SUSU has made a contribution to the creation of a traditional for Russian Civil Aviation airplane.

South Ural State University Presented educational, Scientific and Innovational Potential of the Chelyabinsk Region in Harbin


On June 15, opening ceremony of the 4th forum and exhibition “China-Russia EXPO 2017” was held in the city of Harbin (PRC). Organizations and enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region presented their stands in the framework of the common exhibition space of the region. During the exposition review by official representatives of Chinese party and top public officials of the region, the SUSU stand excited special interest.

The International Research Council Evaluated SUSU’s Work on the Development of International Research Laboratories


On the final day of the third meeting of the International Research Council, the curators of the international research laboratories from SUSU and representatives of the university’s institutes and schools presented the results of their work and strategies for advancing the university in field-specific international ratings to the international researchers.

South Ural Researchers Completing Unique Research Modeling the Properties of Nanotubes


Despite the intense research of carbon nanotubes over the last few decades, interest in it is not waning neither among researchers nor theoreticians. With time, the tasks are becoming even more difficult, and solving these tasks is becoming possible only for professional researchers. Associate professor of the SUSU Department of Computer Modeling and Nanotechnologies Sergey Sozykin is studying carbon nanotubes, applying various methods of modeling to them.

“Stress is the ‘Spice’ of Our Life”: Professor Ron de Kloet Held a Lecture in the Framework of the International Scientific Council’s Work


On May 13, open lectures of scientists-participants of the university’s International Scientific Council were held at South Ural State University. Scientist from the University of Leiden, professor of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, doctor Ron de Kloet is known in the world’s scientific community by his discoveries in studying the influence of stress on the brain. He also conducts research concerning the reasons for a person’s vulnerability to diseases caused by stress.

Lecture and Practical Seminar by Doctor Panayiotis Andreas Koutentis (University of Cyprus) Held at SUSU


A scientific seminar was held as part of the third International Research Council at South Ural State University. The moderator of this event was world-famous researcher in organic chemistry, doctor Panayiotis Koutentis. At the seminar, six scientific developments were presented to the professor by young, talented SUSU researchers.

From Quantum Entanglement to the Tendencies of Industry 4.0: the World’s Leading Researchers to Hold Lectures at SUSU


The third meeting of the International Research council will be held at South Ural State University from June 12th through 14th, during which the world’s leading researchers will hold lectures in current scientific problems, and hold practical scientific seminars and unique discussions at SUSU.

One Zone – one Path of Russian and Chinese Universities


At the beginning of June, Tianjin Foreign Studies University held a forum “Innovations in Foreign Language Teaching in Russian and Chinese Universities in the context of One zone – One Path Initiative”, to which the head of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language Elena Kharchenko had been invited. 14 representatives from 8 Russian universities and Chinese instructors of Russian, postgraduate and master’s degree students learning Russian took part in the forum.

SUSU and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage Signed an Agreement on Collaboration


Earlier, the university’s scientists more than once were involved in ecological projects of Chelyabinsk as experts.

South Ural State University and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage have been cooperating at different levels for more than one year. Today the agreement on collaboration was signed officially. This time, the parties set other goals: to implement into the university’s system of education a study plan for students’ training for working at the directorate of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage.

SUSU Creates Complex Metal and Composite Components on a 3D Printer


The Laboratory of Micropowder (Aerospace Technologies REC) has been operating at South Ural State University for a few years already.

In the beginning, the laboratory was tasked with manufacturing high-quality metallic powders which can be used in additive technologies. Pavel Lykov, candidate of technical sciences, head researcher of the laboratory and Rustam Baitimerov, engineer and researcher at the laboratory tell us about the developments.

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