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The Academic Center for Student Skills of the SUSU is inviting all students


The Academic Center for Student Skills of the SUSU Institute of Supplementary Education is inviting all students and post-graduates interested in Internet Advertising to complete the entrance level of the INTERNET MARKETING supplementary education course.

Sections of the entrance level Internet Marketing course:

SUSU Basketball Team Will Play Against UrFU Team

Today, SUSU’s Chelbasket team will play in the VTB Student League against UrFU team.

UrFU Uralmash is a team representing Yekaterinburg in the VTB Student League. Before the games in Chelyabinsk, the team from the Ural’s capital is placed the 6th in the League with 8 wins and 7 defeats.

SUSU Chelbasket is placed the 12th in the VTB Student League with 4 wins and 12 defeats. After a long recovery, one of the team’s key players, Andrey Ponomar, who was injured during the first game of the season, rejoined the team.

Frames for Siberian Timber Trucks Improved at SUSU

One of the major tasks of modern logistics is delivery of cargoes to the most distant corners of the world performed in time and with proper quality. Severe-climate northern regions are no exception, though there motor vehicles are exposed to specific loads. Extremely low temperatures imply that frames of modular trailers and semi- trailers transporting heavy cargoes need to be made of high-strength steel. Today, scientists from South Ural State University have found a solution for transportation tasks in the context of Siberia and the Far North.

A Test Which Can Open Doors All Around the World: Workshop on Top Tips for IELTS Test Takers Took Place at SUSU

On January 18, a workshop entitled “Top Tips for IELTS Test Takers” took place; the speaker was Claire Barnes, a Cambridge Assesment English methodologist  with many years’ experience of training students and academic staff for international exams. Claire also is a lecturer of courses of teaching a foreign language.

Studying and Preserving Our History: SUSU’s Student Scouting Forces “Poisk” Announce Recruitment

“Poisk” Student Scouting Forces, established in 2005 under initiative of the student of the Automobile and Tractor Engineering Faculty Andrey Platonov, is an active participant of the scouting movement of Russia. Andrey Platonov was awarded a Badge of Merit “For Contribution into the Scouting Movement”, and 12 members of the squad received letters of appreciation from the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region for their great personal contribution into identification of the names of soldiers who died and of fates of those missing.

Inventions of SUSU Scientists Got Implemented at Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Implementation of this scientific project is one more step on the way to Industry 4.0. Problem of resource- and power saving is one of the most urgent problems in engineering. Intelligent system of electric drive control developed at South Ural State University possesses enhanced interference immunity and ability to perform self-diagnosis and self-reservation.

Where is the system of electric drive control used?

SUSU Develops Collaboration with Universities of Central Asia

Last week SUSU delegation visited Tajikistan. Among the delegation members were: Head of the International Affairs Division Olga Yaroshenko, analyst of the International Affairs Division Mikhail Ruftin, and Deputy Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Yulia Bolotina. SUSU representatives visited universities and schools of Tajikistan in order to promote South Ural State University in this country, as well as to form our University’s recognition, and to attract students of Tajikistan universities to our Master Degree programs.

On the Way to Industry 4.0: Wireless Sensor with High Sensitivity Created at SUSU

Rapid development of science and technology will lead to absolute automation of manufacture in the future. Nevertheless, any mechanism can break, and one of the main objectives of science is to be able to prevent it. The wireless sensor created by scientists of South Ural State University performs diagnostics of executive mechanisms. Data obtained from the sensor allow determining the nature of possible failure with high accuracy and timely eliminate defect.

48 Hours to Develop Video Games – Global Game Jam is Back at SUSU

From 26th through 28th of January, the largest international competition in computer games development, the Global Game Jam, is to be traditionally held on the ground of SUSU School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Participants of the GGJ are given 48 hours to form a team and create a game from the scratch on a given topic simultaneously with more than 20 thousand programmers, artists, game designers and simply game lovers from tens of countries!

SUSU is Waiting for Future Specialists in Biotechnology and Psychology

A man’s health has always considered as the biggest value in life. Technology development, discoveries in science and engineering brought the issue of preserving health to a new level; inventions of modern biotechnology get actively used in medicine. It is no surprise that biotechnology and medicine are among the most in-demand and perspective areas in education and science.

SUSU Takes Part in International Project of European Journalism Training Association

The European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) (with South Ural State University being its institutional member since June of 2016) started fulfilling a large-scale international research project “Roles, values, and qualifications of journalists in the 21st century. How do teachers of journalism see the future of the profession in the transition period”.

SUSU Volunteers Do Active Social Work

The year 2018 has been declared the year of the volunteers. A plan for promoting volunteer work has been approved. These decisions will enable the development of volunteer work and help strengthen the dialog between bodies of power and activists. This kind of dialog exists between the city’s social organizations and the SUSU student volunteers.

SUSU Basketball Players Opened a Series of Home Games

On January 13, the first home game of the Chelbasket basketball team consisting of students of South Ural State University was held at the Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren named after Nadezhda Krupskaya.

In interregional basketball competitions of group A, the Chelbasket basketball team from Chelyabinsk competed for the win against the Staryi Sobol (Old Sable) team from Nizhniy Tagil.

SUSU Students Will Take Part in a Contest for Obtaining a Degree in Hungary

Tempus Public Foundation announces the opening of a new contest for Russian students for obtaining a degree in Hungary within the Stipendium Hungaricum program in order to study in Hungary (academic mobility for 1-2 semesters). Education is performed in both English and Hungarian languages.

Participants of the program will be provided with free education in one of Hungarian universities, monthly scholarship of 130 euro, free living in a dormitory and medical insurance.

Forum “Step into the Future – Sozvezdie NTTM” Closes at SUSU

The 25th Chelyabinsk City and Regional Intellectual Youth Forum “Step into the Future – Sozvezdie NTTM” (“Step into the Future – Contest the Constellation of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth”) held under “Step into the Future…” South Ural Intellectual and Social Program for Youth and School Pupils is now closing. During this academic year about 7 thousand school pupils were among the Forum contests’ participants.

The Chelbasket basketball team of SUSU invites to visit first games of the year

The first home game of the Chelbasket basketball team of SUSU is to take place today in Chelyabinsk under the aegis of the Russian Basketball Federation. The South Ural’s athletes will compete for the win against the Nizhniy Tagil team.

The game will feature a special guest, an actor and trainee of the Chelyabinsk school of basketball, Aleksandr Ryapolov who starred in the Dvizhenie vverkh (Going Vertical) movie as a player of the USSR national team, Alzhan Zharmukhamedov. The program includes an autograph-session, contests and prizes.

SUSU Accepts Applications for Colloquial Foreign Language Courses

The Center for Supplementary Education “Foreign Language Courses” at the Institute of Linguistics and International Communication starts accepting applications for the courses on colloquial foreign language.

All those willing may take the following courses: 

  • ENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION (6 levels, training for beginners is also possible)


Training period is 3 months (100 hours, level 1).

Contest Announced on Supporting SUSU Employees, Postgraduates and Students Participating in Scientific Events

The contest aims at improving of SUSU’s recognition in the international scientific community by means of building collaboration with the world’s leading universities under the criteria of entering the QS subject ranking.

The contest tasks imply increasing the number of collaborations between the SUSU employees, including young scientists, and the world’s top scientists, and also boosting publishing activity and increasing the number of citations of publications by the University employees.

Eco-friendly Building Material is Being Developed at SUSU

Each epoch has an impact on urban architecture. Changes affect not only external appearance of buildings but also their component elements. The most topical today is the question about producing innovative building materials complying with characteristics of reliability, environmental compatibility, speed and simplicity of their manufacture.

Clean construction within a short time

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