“Rector’s Hour”: Aleksandr Shestakov Speaks to Applicants about the Advantages of Education at SUSU

At South Ural State University on Sunday, July 8th, a meeting was held with Rector Aleksandr Shestakov for applicants and their parents in which the head of SUSU answered the most important questions on applying to university in the 2018-2019 academic year and the prospects of education.

One of the main topics was SUSU’s position in the international academic space. In 2015, South Ural State University entered Project 5-100 – a program for enhancing the competitiveness of Russian universities with other universities around the world. This means that SUSU is moving according to a program that the leadership has approved which involves the development of research potential and academics.

“Over the last few years SUSU has risen to the global level and has become an international university. Our research has become international, and this is very important for the quality of education – professors who are working in breakthrough areas of science transfer their knowledge in these fields to students. We have founded 8 laboratories under the guidance of leading researchers from France, Great Britain, Australia, and other countries. We are actively developing international programs of educational exchange and we’ve created relationships with international universities. The number of Double degree programs with universities in Europe, China, and a number of universities of Kazakhstan is increasing. All of this gives SUSU students a chance to show their best side both within the Russian Federation and in international program, and have the chance to fight for employment and the continuation of their career in Europe and in other countries around the world,” stressed Aleksandr Leonidovich.

Within the course of the Rector’s Hour Aleksandr Leonidovich talked about the fact that in September project-based education is officially being introduced at SUSU. It is being actively implemented in the academic process at all of the schools and institutes of the university. The goal of this new teaching technique is to offer students a chance to create real projects, earning the skills they need for a successful career before they graduate under the leadership of experienced professors.

The Rector also stressed that SUSU pays special attention to the study of foreign languages, and in many fields of training, intensive continuous language training has been introduced, allowing university graduates to be eligible for employment in international companies. SUSU’s focus on the field of digital transformation, which is one of the most in-demand fields in the modern world, is being actively implemented in the academic programs of both engineers and programmers, as well as in the humanitarian fields: economics, law, and more.

«Час ректора»: Александр Шестаков рассказал абитуриентам и их родителям о преимуществах обучения в ЮУрГУ

One of the most important topics for future students and their teachers was the recognition of applicants’ individual achievements they showed during their studies in school or college. South Ural State University supports talented young people, offering them additional points for participation in big Olympiads, or in sports, or volunteer activities.

“According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, we offer additional points to winners and finalists of Russian school Olympiads and Olympiads which are included in the list of the Russian Council of School Olympiads. Additional points can also be earned by young people who participated in Olympiads held by South Ural State University and were recognized as winners and finalists. In addition, bonus points are given to winners and finalists of RoboFest, a competition in robotics which is held under the auspices of the Volnoe Delo Foundation. We give special points to winners and finalists of research conferences of the Chelyabinsk Region Scientific Society of Students,” explained the SUSU Deputy Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs Yuliya Bolotina.

Moreover, 10 additional points can be earned by SUSU applicants for gold GTO badges, a vocational school diploma with honours, or a certificate of graduation with honors. For volunteer activity, they are awarded 3 points, added Aleksandr Gubarev, Executive Secretary of the SUSU Admissions Committee. However, it is worth taking into account that the university cannot award applicants more than 10 additional points, which, nonetheless, can play a decisive role in applying for state scholarships. In addition, first-year students who enroll with high points in the EGE and SUSU entrance exams will receive a scholarship of 10 thousand rubles in the first semester.

During their studies at SUSU, students can also enroll in the Faculty of Military Training – graduating from this faculty will open the door of the Russian Federation armed forces and law enforcement. Colonel Konstantin Krikunov, Deputy Head of the FMT, spoke about the possibilities for university graduates who earn both military education and their university education.

“Students who enroll in our university and in the Faculty of Military Training have a chance to be enlisted in the reserves of the Armed Forces without further military training, as they will complete this training during their university studies. After graduation, they also have a chance to enlist for military service with a contract from the Armed Forces or in other enforcement agencies. With each year, this becomes more in-demand – we work with the central agencies of the Defense Administration, the MIA, FSB, MES, the District Attorney Office, and the Investigative Committee for Employee Training.”

Extracurricular activities are no small part of studying at SUSU. Applicants and their parents were told that students from other cities and abroad who enroll at the university are offered help in finding dormitories or in finding a residence with renters who partner with the university. In addition, in 2020, a new 1500-bed dormitory will be built in Chelyabinsk, and it will have “three-star” hotel conditions. In addition, students will have access to all of the services they need for a comfortable life: cafeterias, cafes, hairdressers, gyms, and more. They also have a chance to fulfill their potential in groups of the SUSU Creativity Center, which is known far beyond the borders of the Chelyabinsk Region.

«Час ректора»: Александр Шестаков рассказал абитуриентам и их родителям о преимуществах обучения в ЮУрГУ

During the meeting, the 5000th applicant who submitted documents this year was presented to the guests. This was Chelyabinsk School No.4 graduate Vyacheslav Saushkin, who intends on enrolling in the Automobile and Tractor Faculty or the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute.

“I was surprised that I was the 5000th applicant. I want to remain in my hometown and become an engineer and obtain a good education. I’m interested in mechanical engineering and automobile design. I don’t want to waste any time, and I understand that SUSU can give me a chance to obtain professional skills at the best university in the region and the country,” shared the 5000th applicant.

The meeting was extended to one and a half hours because of the big number of questions from future students and their parents, which the SUSU Rector, vice-rectors, and institute and school directors answered. Anyone with questions received answers on the topics they were interested in. After the event, guests of the Rector’s Hour had personal consultations in separate fields of training with directors of the academic divisions.

Applicants can get to know South Ural State University in the foresight sessions which will be offered until the end of the month. The SUSU schools and institutes have prepared seminars, quests, master classes, and other events for applicants, in which they can obtain further information on all of the opportunities of education at the university. The next meeting with the Rector will be held July 28th at 12:00 in the conference hall of the main building.

Azaliya Sharafutdinova; photo: Viktoria Matveichuk
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