SUSU Institute of Law Master’s Program Under the Guidance of Experienced Mentors

The Master’s program in Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science and Forensic Enquiry is being offered at South Ural State University since 2009. The first graduation was held in 2011.

Advantages and Unique Features of the Master’s Program:

The academic program encompasses the legal disciplines which are in demand for working in law enforcement agencies: the Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the court system, investigation, and in forensic examination.

Disciplines Covered:

Current Issues in Criminal Proceedings; Lawyers in Criminal Proceedings; Constitutional and Legal Aspects of Protecting the Rights of Participants of the Legal Process; Organization of Judicial and Legal Activity; Prosecutors in Criminal Proceedings; Theoretical Problems of Criminology; Criminal Procedure of the Court; Procedural Law; International Standards in Criminal Proceedings.

Mastering the knowledge under these disciplines allows Master’s students to professionally develop, interpret, and apply laws and regulations; perform their duties in ensuring law and order and the safety of individuals, society, and the state; implement the norms of property and procedural law in their professional activities; identify, suppress, disclose, and investigate offenses and crimes; prevent violations of the law, determine and eliminate the causes and conditions which lead to them; offer qualified legal opinions and consultations in concrete fields of legal activity; conduct scientific research in criminal law; use knowledge of theoretical, methodological, procedural, and organizational bases of forensic examination and criminology in completing forensic examinations and research; utilize equipment to detect, record, and research material objects and material evidence during forensic examinations.

Светлана Даровских

The research manager of the Master’s program is the Head of the Department of Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science and Forensic Enquiry, Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor Svetlana Darovskikh. She has written more than 120 papers, including textbooks and books.

Svetlana Mikhailovna successfully supervises the research studies of postgraduate students and candidates. Under her guidance, 6 dissertations for Candidate of Sciences (Law) were successfully defended.

The Master’s program is executed through the work of the teaching staff. Lectures are offered by: Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor S.M. Darovskikh; Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor L.V. Vinitsky; Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor A.V. Kudryavtseva; and Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professors G.S. Rusman, A.V. Kochetova, O.I. Darovskikh, R.A. Kashimov.



С.М. Даровских

Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor L.V. Vinitsky

Doctor of Sciences (Law), Professor A.V. Kudryavtseva

Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor G.S. Rusman

Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor, A.V. Kochetova

Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor, O.I. Darovskikh

Candidate of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor, R.A. Khashimov


The department also involves current employees of the Chelyabinsk Region Chamber of Lawyers and judges from the Chelyabinsk Region and other entities of the Russian Federation in fulfilling of the program.

Highly qualified experts of the Forensic and Criminological Center of the MIA of Russia of the Chelyabinsk Region also take part in the implementation of the curriculum.

The involvement of highly qualified specialists in the implementation of the curriculum allows students of the Master’s program to obtain in-depth knowledge in the field of law, successfully pass state exams, and defend their Master’s dissertations. Graduates of the Master’s program in Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science and Forensic Enquiry successfully find work in the Prosecutor’s Office, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in the Russian Federation judicial system, in the Public Defender’s Office, and in the system of the MIA of Russia.

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