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SUSU Students Achieved Outstanding Results in Working on Projects Within Project-Based Learning

Results of the first year of project-based learning – a new educational technology intended to bring education of specialists to a new level – got summarized at South Ural State University. In the course of the conference, students presented results of their work on projects and received recommendations on improvement of the projects from the Rector of SUSU, Aleksandr Shestakov.

Russian Students and Scientists Develop a Game for Visually Impaired Children

As part of the Digital Economy national project, students and scientists of South Ural State University have developed a Funny Garden game application for visually impaired preschool children, which can be used for correction work. The team of engineers have already obtained a patent for the Funny Garden software application. In 2019, based on the existing program code of the game, a continuation for the Seasons game with new visual content was created.

The Department of Customs Affairs: “FOR the Green Chelyabinsk!”

On May 21, the Department of Customs Affairs took part in planting of trees alongside the Universitetskaya Naverezhnaya street in the frameworks of Tsellyuloza (Cellulose) social city project. According to participation terms, a tree shall be planted in Chelyabinsk for each 100 kg of paper wastes collected.

“Our Alumni Build Successful Careers”: Vyacheslav Avdin on Advantages of the SUSU Faculty of Chemistry

The last Sunday of May is the professional holiday of all working in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The holiday was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated October 1 of 1980. Workers of the chemical industry are constantly demanded in science, in industry, and in business. One can become a world-class specialist by graduating from the Faculty of Chemistry at South Ural State University.

SUSU Scientific Library: Modern Technologies for the Comfort of Users

Russian Library Day is celebrated May 27th – this day is also called Librarian Day. At South Ural State University, the Scientific Library began operating from the moment of the university’s founding on December 15th, 1943. The Scientific Library is one of the most important parts of SUSU’s information space, preserving the results of the university’s research and academic work.

Top 10 Speech Mistakes That We Make by the Version of a SUSU Philologist

May 25 is Philologist Day in Russia, the celebration of all who “loves the word”. Contemporary philologists work in various sphere of linguistics and literature and make a big contribution to the sphere of education and research of linguistic changes. This holiday is of a special significance for the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Songs, Games and Dancing: SUSU Students are to Celebrate the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture

On May 24, students of South Ural State University are going to celebrate the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture. The celebration will feature international students, students of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications, and students of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Russian Scientists and Students Announced Development of a “Smart” House

Within the technology of Industry 4.0 (the 4th industrial revolution), South Ural State University implements a number of prospective student projects, one of which is a “smart” house based on efficient energy consumption and an intelligent smart grid system.

“Smart House” is an innovative residential space which is not only efficient from the perspective of resource consumption (electricity, heat and water) but also well-designed regarding the aesthetics and comfort of its interior as well as its landscape design.

A Report Conference on Project-Based Learning to Be Held at SUSU

On May 28, a report conference regarding project-based learning is to be held at South Ural State University in Sigma Academic Complex.

The goal of the report conference is to summarize the results of the first year of project-based activity, as well as exchange with experience and present project teams, which have been working hard over the past year. Objectives of the conference are to highlight problematic issues and discuss the prospects of activity for the next year.

International Students of SUSU Had a Common Dinner on the Occasion of Ramadan

On May 16, international students of South Ural State University organised a common late dinner on the occasion of Muslim fasting called Ramadan.

There are more than 2500 international students from 52 countries studying at SUSU. Among them, a big number of students professing Islam. Therefore, in the beginning of May, many international students started fastening within the Muslim Ramadan, which this year will last till June 3.

On the Way Towards Digitalization: Why Do We Need “Smart” Sensors, New Methods of Information Protection and the Internet of Things?

As informed by the university’s Press Office, scientists of South Ural State University (SUSU) created an innovative system for online simulation of steel casting.

It has been recently that such terms as “Internet of Things”, “Industry 4.0” and “Smart” technologies entered our life, but they have already become its inextricable part. Digital technologies are used for purposes other than optimization of our everyday life. Special attention is paid to industrial automation, urban space improvement, and information security provision.

Student from Yemen Wants to Build a 9-Storey Building

One of the leaders of Russian higher education – South Ural State University (SUSU) – is located at the border of Europe and Asia, in Chelyabinsk. The university is focused on development of large, interdisciplinary projects in the fields of digital industry and artificial intelligence, and carries out research works in the following spheres: Sensors for Industrial Objects; Digital Twins; Energy Conservation; Methods and Means of Information Security; Materials Science; and Ecology.

Scientific Spring at SUSU’s Faculty of History: Students Duly Represented Their Projects at Big-Scale Conferences

Students of the Faculty of History at SUSU’s Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities duly represented their research projects at big-scale conferences and contests.

History students started conquering scientific peaks with the capital, where Lomonosov International Universiade was held at MSU in April, traditionally bringing together young researchers from around the world.

Researchers Think up a Unique Way to Save the Environment

Researchers from South Ural State University (SUSU, Russia, Chelyabinsk) and the University of Oviedo (Spain) have invented photocatalysts which decompose harmful synthetic compounds (dyes, petrochemicals, phenol) into carbon dioxide and water. An article about their research, which could make a serious contribution to “green chemistry”, was published in the journal entitled “Catalysis Today”.

SUSU Students Visited Ariant Shop Floor

4th-year students of the Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology took and excursion to the production unit of Ariant Agricultural Firm LLC. The event was held in the frameworks of a flash mob called “No Turngates”. Senior students had a chance to get familiar with the main stages of meat raw material processing: starting from weighing the raw material and finishing with its cooling and wrapping of the finished products.

Russian Scientists Invented a “Smart” Filter for Cars

Scientists from South Ural State University have patented a know-how for drivers – an oil filter with a signaling device. This invention timely “alerts” drivers of the need to change the oil, which allows significantly prolonging the service life of automotive engines. A distinctive feature of this Russian invention compared to its foreign analogues is in the fact that it does not require changing the structure of the entire lubrication system for the filter to be installed.

Winners and Prize Holders of Zvezda Multi-profile Olympiad Got Awarded at SUSU

On May 13, awarding of the winners and prize holders of Zvezda Multi-Profile Engineering Olympiad took place at the Activity Hall of South Ural State University.

This year, the Olympiad was held in Russia for the 6th time and brought together 328 thousand of participants, competing in the elimination round. 101 thousand of them represented the Chelyabinsk region. 30 thousand people from all over the country made it to the final stage. 1742 people in the Chelyabinsk region became the winners and prize holders.

Professor of the University of Pretoria Delivered a Lecture at SUSU

South Ural State University was visited by Professor of the University of Pretoria, Jacek Banasiak. In the course of his meeting with students, the Professor talked about specificity of higher education in universities of the South African Republic.

In 2018, SUSU and the University of Pretoria concluded an agreement on cooperation. The both parties are interested in carrying out joint research in the sphere of fundamental mathematics.

SUSU Signed Agreements on Cooperation with Universities of China in the Frameworks of Silk Road EXPO

May 11th through 13th of 2019, representatives of South Ural State University, led by the Rector Aleksandr Shestakov, took part in the 4th Silk Road International EXPO in the city of Xi’an (Shanxi province, China) as a member of the delegation from the Ural Federal District. An official ceremony of signing international agreements on cooperation with Xi'an International Studies University and Xi'an Jiaotong (Transport) University was held in the frameworks of the exhibition.

University and School Students of Tajikistan Learn the Advantages of Studying at SUSU

From May 25th through 30th of 2019, a SUSU delegation officially visited a number of schools and universities in Tajikistan. The programme included visits to secondary schools and higher education institutions in Dushanbe, Gissar, Nurek, and Bokhtar. The main goal of the trip was to tell Tajik university and school students about the advantages of studying at SUSU and to invite them to our university.

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