Unique Opportunities for Self-Fulfillment: 7 Key Advantages for Enrollees at SUSU

For every university applicant, it is important to choose such a higher education institution which not just provide a prestigious education but also allow fulfilling one’s potential. New competencies, internships, “big” science, creativity and sports – SUSU students know for sure where to fulfill their talents, and the university provides them an active support.

SUSU Staff Member Included into the Federation Council’s Working Group on Legislative Support of Digital Economy

Acting Director of the Institute of Law of South Ural State University Elena Titova has been included into the Federation Council’s Working Group on Legislative Support of Digital Economy.

SUSU Psychologists Took Part in the European Congress of Psychology

July 2nd through 5th, XVI European Congress of Psychology, organised by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations and the Russian Psychological Society, was held in Russia for the first time at Lomonosov MSU (Moscow). Leading SUSU psychologists presented their reports on results of their research.

Foresight Sessions for University Applicants and Their Parents Finished at SUSU

Foresight sessions arranged within the Admissions Campaign – 2019 finished at South Ural State University. Within the events organised by SUSU schools and institutes, university applicants and their parents could learn more about advantages of each subdivision, as well as ask questions about admissions and the process of studying.

SUSU schools and institutes held a number of events within which university applicants had a chance to meet representatives of the university, visit laboratories and research and education centres, and take part in master classes.

SUSU Master’s Programmes

South Ural State University invites to obtain in-demand specialities in Master’s programmes in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and humanities. More than 700 state-financed spots in 70 academic programmes are available for enrolees. Some of the Master’s programmes are being offered for the first time and do not have analogues in other universities of our region and our country.

Vice-Rector Olga Yaroshenko about International Development of SUSU

South Ural State University is actively developing in the international scientific and educational space. Nowadays, SUSU is represented in authoritative ratings of world’s best higher education institutions. Year by year, the university gets more foreign partner universities, with whom agreements on cooperation get sighed. In the video by SUSU-TV, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Olga Yaroshenko, talked about the possibilities that this gives to students.

“The Start of Your Career”: SUSU Enrollees Met Their Future Employers Within the Admissions Campaign

An event entitled “the Start of Your Career” featuring employers – the partners of SUSU - took place at South Ural State University within the admissions campaign – 2019.

SUSU regularly acts as an organiser of events featuring employers. Such meetings allow students of the university choosing the company in which they can undertake an internship in the course of their study, or get employed. Such meetings feature representatives of leading companies of the Southern Urals and Russia who, in turn, can choose prospective specialists for further employment.

Attendees of Summer School on Asteroid Safety Are Finishing Their Work over the Spacecraft

July 10th through 11th, attendees of the Summer School on Asteroid Safety were working on completion of their spacecraft. Connecting all details, installing the electronic part and preparing a presentation became the final touches before the final day.

Wednesday and Thursday passed in working over the group project. The main assignment of attendees was to finish their model of a spacecraft, namely to complete assembling the entire structure manually.

SUSU is in TOP 20 of Best Russian Universities by the Income of Alumni in the Sphere of IT

Superjob job-seeking service presented a rating of technical universities of Russia in 2019. South Ural State University made it to the Top 20 best universities by the level of income of alumni working in the sphere of information technology.

SUSU Project on Vital Capacity of Human Beings: From Helping Cadets to Training Psychotherapy Clowns

During the first year of project-based learning at the Faculty of Psychology of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, a new big-scale mega project was initiated, among the participants of which are students of the 3rd to the 5th years of study.

Attendees of SUSU’s International Summer School Are Studying Internal Arrangement of Spacecraft

Attendees of South Ural State University’s International Summer School on Asteroid Safety are nearing the end of their work over the project of a spacecraft.

Lectures regarding inner arrangement of a spacecraft were delivered by instructors of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology and the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For example, lecture of a Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Associate Professor Dmitry Katsay was dedicated to optical and electronic systems of a spacecraft.

Young International and Russian Scientists Choose SUSU

Within the frameworks of fulfilling the competitiveness enhancement program, another SUSU Postdoc contest has wrapped up at South Ural State University. At round I of this year's contest, the scientific and research laboratories and departments presented 15 projects in the university's priority fields. The contest Committee admitted that the topics of all 15 scientific projects were relevant and promising.

Attendees of SUSU’s International Summer School Are to Print the Initial Details of Their Spacecraft

Students and schoolchildren attending South Ural State University’s International Summer School on Asteroid Safety are actively working on the project of a spacecraft.

Over the last week, attendees of the Summer School on Asteroid Safety managed to get familiar with Quantorium Technology Park, listen to lectures and acquired practical skills during workshops.

SUSU Lecturers Share the Secrets of Teaching Foreign Languages

The implementation of a system of continuing professional development for foreign language teachers is one of the key tasks of M 8.1.3 “Implementing Intensive Language Training in Bachelor’s Programmes” (project leader – Elena Yaroslavova). June is the traditional time for exchanging knowledge with the goal of implementing the best teaching practices.

SUSU Takes Part in the Regional Forum of International Alumni from Russia

June 29th through June 30th, a regional meeting of international alumni from Russia was held by the Global Alumni Alliance at Russkiy Dom (Russian House) Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Belgrade. Representatives of South Ural State University took part in this event.

Students of the SUSU Faculty of Journalism Keep Learning Fact-Checking at the Aristotle University in Greece

A group of lecturers and students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of South Ural State University went to the Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece) to the International Summer Academy of Mass Media in order to continue their study on the course entitled “Fact-checking and information verification”. In the frameworks of project-based learning, this discipline has been studied by Master’s students majoring in Journalism, who took active participation in the Eurofactcheck International journalistic project of the European Journalism Training Association.

“How to Prevent a Car Accident?”: Russian Scientists Are Developing an Information Security System for Automobiles

Scientists at South Ural State University are developing an information security system for automobiles. The system will allow preventing car accidents by distributing data incoming with various streams of information by their level of importance, and avoiding unfair competition among car manufacturers.

Asteroid Safety: SUSU Summer School Attendees Study Rocket Engineering Materials

Work at the International Summer School on Asteroid Safety is in progress at South Ural State University. The topic of the third day is the “Materials of Rocket and Space Equipment. Structure Stability”.

The program included a lecture on the Introduction to the Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structure Stability, by Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Associate Professor of the Department of Engineering Mechanics of the SUSU Institute of Engineering and Technology Alla Scherbakova, as well as a seminar class and laboratory work.

Teaching Staff of SUSU Completed the EMI Course Which Grants Them the Right to Deliver Lectures in English

There are 12 new Master’s studies programmes taught in English to be launched at South Ural State University starting from September of 2019. Presently, active admissions of students willing to study in English is carried out. Is SUSU’s teaching staff ready to deliver lectures and hold workshop classes in English?

Ksenia Volchenkova, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, instructor of the EMI courses:

Radio SUSU – the Voice of Our University

In the 2018/19 academic year, students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities did more than 300 radio broadcasts as part of their project-based education at the Radio SUSU educational studio under the guidance of their teachers. The student editors covered the most important university events, such as: Global Smart Industry Conference; the annual festival Days of Student Science; Prom-Engineering conference; Communication Leader of the 21st century international scientific and educational forum; and other events.

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