Federal Experts Tell SUSU Students about New Trends in Media

The forum on new media culture Med will be held in Chelyabinsk from August 26th through 28th. Tatiana Mingalimova, editor of the vDud project and author of the Nezhnyi Redaktor; Irina Chesnokova, creator of the Bar in the Big City show and film and television actress; Artur Sokolov, head of the video production company Russia Today; Taras Sychev, head editor of Lentacha; and representatives of MSU, FederalPress RIA, and others will come to Chelyabinsk to share their knowledge and experience.

Mikhail Gromyko: “Climbing Wall at SUSU is the Tallest in the City”

On the 8th of August, the International Alpinism Day is celebrated all over the world. Students of South Ural State University have the opportunity to exercise this sport without leaving the campus – on the climbing wall at the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service.

Russian Mathematicians Seek Symmetries to Understand the Origin of the Universe

Mathematicians of the South Ural State University are working to uncover the mystery of the origin of stars and galaxies by examining the physical processes of the universe. In particular, a system of equations describing the dynamics of self-gravitating gas. In collaboration with scientists of the Zababakhin Nuclear Center and Chelyabinsk State University, they managed to identify those categories of equations of state that will help expand the field of solutions and come closer to understanding the problem of the universe origin.

“I Choose SUSU”: More Than 9600 Enrollees Admitted to the University

The number of enrollees is a proof to the fact that SUSU is rightfully placed as one of the best in various rankings of the country and the world. At that, the major part of those getting enrolled has high EGE points. Enrollees told us of what made them choose South Ural State University.

Anna Boriskina

SUSU is a Multinational University: How Does It Attract Students from Sudan?

South Ural State University is a multinational university, studying in which are students from 52 countries. In SUSU classrooms one can meet citizens of China, Egypt, Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, and many other countries.

Especially warm relationships have been established between South Ural State University and Sudan: residents of this country proved to be excellent SUSU students, and the leadership of the Republic frequently visits the university for national holidays’ celebrations.

Scientists from Russia and Slovakia examine the role of enzymes in stress regulation mechanisms

Scientists of South Ural State University are studying enzymes that can break down stress hormones. They are also finding a way to regulate the activity of these enzymes. It will help to cure diseases caused by stress. It is a joint research between SUSU and the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, and the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia, Bratislava). The primary results of the study were published in one of the most widespread scientific publications among stress experts the journal Stress.

“Employment Guaranteed”: SUSU Students Take Intership at Reginas Automobile Complex

South Ural State University actively cooperates with the major employers in our region. Leading companies and enterprises work with the university in the training of specialists. Many students can get acquainted with a particular company through practical training and internships. Special opportunities in this regard are provided by the Department of Cars and Car-Caring Service of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, which was formed at Reginas automobile complex.

Ecological and Safe Method of Cooking Meat Products Has Been Found

Researchers from South Ural State University and colleagues from Moscow have developed a unique and ecological method of processing brine with ultrasound for meat processing companies, making it possible to ensure the high quality of meat products without the use of harmful additives. The results of the study were presented in the highly-rated journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, which is included in the Scopus citation database (Q1).

“We Expect a Lot of Students”: One of the Leading Technical Higher Education Institutions of Uzbekistan Opens the Faculty of SUSU

South Ural State University extends the possibilities of cooperation with the Republic of Uzbekistan. One of the leading technical higher education institutions of the Republic – the Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute – opens its own faculty of SUSU.

SUSU Becomes the Only Russian University at the Leadership and Management Summit

South Ural State University took part in a Leadership & Management Summit arranged by the Times Higher Education ranking agency, at which leaders of universities from around the world could exchange the experience of administration and management in the sphere of higher education under conditions of the 21st century. The Summit was held July 17th through 19th in Hong Kong.

Choosing One of the Best Universities of Russia: Enrollees Learn about the Opportunities for Development and Admissions to SUSU

A meeting of enrollees and their parents with the university leadership and representatives of Schools and Institutes took place at South Ural State University. In the course of event, those getting enrolled to the university in 2019 were told about SUSU’s advantages and the procedure of admissions, and received answers to the most urgent questions.

Lecturer from the Law Institute of SUSU took part in the Summer Law School in Italy

Lecturer from the Law Institute of SUSU took part in the Summer Law School “Transnational Tort Litigation: Jurisdiction and Remedies”, July 15-19th in Ravenna, Italy. The Summer Law School is a traditional annual event held in the Faculty of Law of the University of Bologna – one of the oldest universities in the world.

During the week, participants examined relevant issues of dealing with civil disputes with a foreign element under the guidance of reputable scientists and practitioners from the USA, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and the UK

Excellent Practice!: EECS Students Are Undertaking an Internship at ElMetro Group Company

Students of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at South Ural State University are undertaking internship at one of the largest companies working in the sphere of electronics and metrology.

ElMetro Group Company specializes in development of devices for the industry, particularly the control and measurement equipment: flowmeters, measurement of the level, pressure, temperature, etc., - everything that is needed for power engineering, oil and gas industry, and chemistry.

Specialists in the Sphere of Advertising and Public Relations Meet SUSU Enrollees

Within the university’s admissions campaign, SUSU ISSH’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication arranged a meeting between enrollees and a representative of the advertising and PR market of Chelyabinsk, Head of the Advertising Department at Pervoe Vystavochnoe Obyedineniye (first Exhibition Association) LLC, Maria Gerdler, who introduced son-to-be students with professional peculiarities of specialists in the sphere of integrated communications.

Scientists are Researching the Properties of Composites in Order to Construct Reliable Trains

Nowadays, composite materials are becoming more and more popular. One of the primary composite materials for modern structures is glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), which is commonly used in aviation, modern transport, wind power plants, etc. Scientists of South Ural State University carried out extensive studies in order to research ballistic properties of this composite material, which is to allow improving the efficiency of its use in the future.

Photogrammetric System Will Help Preserve the Digital Image of Ignatievka Cave

Scientists of South Ural State University gave engineered a unique photogrammetric system for high-precision noncontact measurements of 3D coordinates, which can create 3D models of ancient cultural monuments. In particular, it is planned to use this system in an archaeological studies of Ignatievka Cave, located in the southern Ural Mountains, where cave drawings were found in 1980. 

Students of the SUSU Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering Obtained Grants for Studying Abroad

Students of the Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering at South Ural State University obtained grants for studying abroad in the frameworks of academic mobility programmes. Now they are to study in China, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany.

Psychologists from SUSU Took Part in XVI European Congress of Psychology in Moscow

European Congress of Psychology took place in Moscow. For the first time in history, the Congress, which was the 16th, was held in our country. This massive and important for the world’s whole psychological community event was arranged by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations and the Russian Psychological Society and held at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

ECG from Any Point on the Planet: Russian Scientists Conducted a Unique Experiment

For the first time in Russia, scientists from South Ural State University conducted an integrated experiment using the ECG T-shirt, which proved the possibility to perform simultaneous heart monitoring for several constantly moving people from any point on the planet. This will allow doctors to perform distance monitoring of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as improve the system of athletes’ training.

Studying is Beneficial: SUSU Offers Substantial Scholarships and Convenient Terms of Tuition Fees

South Ural State University encourages talented students by granting them substantial scholarships. A special signature scholarship gets granted to freshman students who get enrolled with high points for the Unified State Examination (EGE).

An Enrollee from Egypt, Ahmed Hussin: “SUSU is Considered as One of the Largest and Important Universities of Russia”

South Ural State University continues admissions of documents from foreign university applicants. More than 500 registered admissions applications have already been submitted by citizens of such countries as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Egypt, Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire, and many other.

Head of the International Student Support at the International Office, Ekaterina Yurovskaya, noted that this year the interest of foreign university applicants to SUSU has significantly increased.

Island 10-22: Team SUSU Took Part in Elaboration of the Best Practices for Digital Transformation of the University

The programme of Island 10-22 is coming to its end; however, the work pace still remains intensive. In the second half of the workshop, members of the SUSU team took part in operation of such laboratories as Architecture of Entrepreneurial Activity at a University; Advanced Training of Cadres; Industrial projects on data management; Digital transformation of a university, and many other. Besides, all members of the SUSU team took part in a joint project work on implementation of the university’s digital model.

Students and Lecturers of the Faculty of Journalism Completed Their Study at the International Summer Academy of Mass Media at the Aristotle University

Students and lecturers from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the Faculty of Journalism at SUSU ISSH have successfully completed their study at the International Summer Academy of Mass Media at the Aristotle University in the city of Thessaloniki (Greece). International Summer Academy of Mass Media is an educational forum designated to study new tendencies in mass media and journalism. This year, Thessaloniki brought together 42 attendees from Italy, Russia, Germany, USA, China and Turkey.

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