SUSU Academic Took Part in a Conference on the Role of Audit and Development of Russian Economy

Ural branch of the Department of self-regulating organisations of the Russian Union of Auditors held a large-scale conference entitled “On the Role of Audit and Development of Russian Economy and the Russian Union of Auditors in the Audit Community Consolidation in Order to Increase the Prestige of the Auditor Profession at the Russian and International Levels”.

Copying Electronic Information: Ideas by SUSU Lawyers Fixed into Law

On January 8, 2019 the Russian Federation Federal Law No. 533-ФЗ as of 27.12.2018, which introduced Article 164.1 into the Russian Federation Criminal Procedure Code formalizing the procedures for the seizure of electronic media and copying information from them in the course of investigations. The appearance of this article was preceded by many years of work by lawyers, including researchers from South Ural State University.

Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Local’s guide on what to see and do

Dear Students!

There are tons of fun things you can do in Chelyabinsk. Below, we’ve picked some exciting events the city has to offer this weekend. It’s time to get some tickets and make those freedom evenings count! Don’t forget to leave your comment about the events on Vk and Facebook.

February, 1: 18:00
Chelyabinsk Puppet Theatre n.a. Olkhovsky
My Husband Daniil Kharms


SUSU Partners with Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute in Uzbekistan

South Ural State University is collaborating with many partner universities all around the world. On January 28th, the major university of the Chelyabinsk Region started its cooperation with Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Fun and Culture in Chelyabinsk

Although no rival to the world’s buzzy capitals, Chelyabinsk is rich in culture and fun. The city offers plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions to suit everyone’s taste. Chelyabinsk is a multicultural city and welcomes students from all over the world. Find out what places in Chelyabinsk (and Chelyabinsk Oblast!) international students find inspiring and worth visiting.

Sharif Mazri, Bangladesh

Russian Language Program

RoboFest Festival Held at SUSU

On January 25th and 26th a regional round of RoboFest-2019 All-Russian Robotics Festival was held at South Ural State University. More than 400 kids from different cities of our region presented their robots.

Minister of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk Region  Aleksandr Kuznetsov opened the event with his welcome speech.

Winners of the Global Game Jam Competition Announced at SUSU

The Global Game Jam game creation competition was held from January 25th through January 27th at the SUSU School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. This year, 95 programmers took part in the competition. Participating in the Global Game Jam is the best way to begin developing a game, meet like-minded people, and fulfil your experimental ideas.

Feeling at Home at SUSU

Feeling lonely is an extremely unpleasant experience to anyone. When you are in another country, far away from home, relatives, and friends, it is especially important to navigate loneliness and be able to get the best from the intercultural exchange. While cultural difference come at you from all angles in a foreign country, everyone can turn their international study into an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Below, international students of SUSU share their ideas on how to ease emotional stress abroad and “find yourself” in another country.

SUSU Celebrated Tatiana Day

On December 25th the annual celebration of Tatiana Day was held at South Ural State University. Students and academics of the university took part in this festive event.

SUSU Rector Aleksandr Shestakov welcomed the event attendees:

A New Programme of Professional Retraining Starts at SUSU

A professional retraining programme entitled Theory and practice of continuous professional education” starts at the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE). The programme is intended for academic staff of the university, who not only teach classes to students but also organise, elaborate and implement programmes of supplementary professional education, actively participating in the process of life-long continuing education of specialists.

The programme intends for studying the following comprehensive modules:

President of the Interregional Tutor Association Reads a Lecture for SUSU Academics

The students under the professional retraining programme on Pedagogical Technologies in a SMART-university have attended a lecture on Tutoring Attitude of a Teacher. The event was opened by Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Marina Potapova, who introduced to the audience their lecturer – Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor of Moscow City University, President of the Interregional Tutor Association Tatiana Kovaleva.

SUSU International Students Took Part in Billiards Tournament

On January 15th a billiards tournament among international students of Chelyabinsk was held. 

Billiards is a favourite game of many international students, that is why this tournament has already become a traditional sports event being organised by the SUSU Association of International Students.

Project-Based Learning at the Institute of Law: Students to Offer a Model for Supporting the Professional Rights of Lawyers

Besides high levels of professionalism, lawyers working in the Russian system also need such traits as high resistance to stress and readiness to work in unusual situations. Within the project-based learning system, future lawyers at SUSU are working on a project which has no analogues in modern legal practice. In the course of the project, students will develop a model for supporting the professional rights of lawyers.

Deadlines for Project Submitting under Erasmus+ Program Approach

One of the important fields in our university’s international activity is attracting funding to its research and educational activity. The International Research Collaboration of the International Office helps actively develop and fulfil international projects under Erasmus+ program (former Tempus project).

The Erasmus+ program is a program of the European Union which aims to support cooperation in academics, professional training, youth, and sport. The program is meant to facilitate the development of human and social capital in Europe and outside of its borders.

Winter Amusements and Ice-water Dipping: SUSU International Students Studying Russian Culture

South Ural State University facilitates the adaptation of its international students to the conditions which are new for them. Big part in this process is played by engaging them into extracurricular activities, sports and recreation. Many students who come from abroad take the opportunity to master winter sports in the cold season.

Chelyabinsk Weekend Guide

Local’s guide on what to see and do

Dear Students!

There are tons of fun things you can do in Chelyabinsk. Below, we’ve picked some exciting events the city has to offer this weekend. It’s time to get some tickets and make those freedom evenings count! Don’t forget to leave your comment about the events on Vk and Facebook.

January, 25: 18:00
Chelyabinsk Puppet Theatre n.a. Olkhovsky
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


“Taming” the Buttress Thread: University Scientists Improve Metal Working Machines

In the age of Industry 4.0, digitalization of metal working processes is becoming more and more important. In contemporary mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines form the main equipage for industrial purposes. SUSU scientists in cooperation with the world’s leader in production of thread-forming tools – the Vargus Company (Israel) – are going to develop recommendations on tool production using multi-axis machines with computer numerical control.

SUSU is to Perform Training of Specialists in the Sphere of International Politics

In the new academic year, SUSU’s Institute of Linguistics and International Communications announces admissions for bachelor’s degree programme in Political Management (major in Political Science). Graduates of this major will be in-demand abroad. Entrance examinations for applicants are Russian Language, History and Social Studies.

Debunking Myths About Russian

When you think about the Russian language, what comes to your mind? Strange letters? Difficult cases and verb forms? If you ever decide to learn Russian, do not despair. The language is not that difficult once you get used to it. Lots of international students are currently learning the Russian language at South Ural State University enjoying their experience. Read about students’ thoughts on the language and why they believe Russian is worth learning after all.

SUSU Invites to Take a Course of Professional Retraining “Enterprise Cost Assessment”

Institute of Supplementary Education invites to take a course of professional training “Enterprise (Business) Cost Assessment”. The aim of the programme is to study the modern methods and techniques of assessment activity, development of the practical skills of assessment including those which are necessary to determine the market cost of certain types of property and business (enterprise) in whole.  

Delegation from China Visited SUSU

South Ural State University was visited by a delegation from Southwest Forestry University (China) intended to discuss prospects of cooperation with SUSU.

The delegation included Vice-President of Southwest Forestry University, Xu Hui, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Yang Song, and Dean of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Yang Yongfa.

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