SUSU Scientists Will Help Foreign Students Start Speaking Russian


Russian education is gaining increasing popularity among foreign students. Today over 2100 students from 48 countries all over the world study at SUSU in different specialties and concentrations. And according to forecasts, there will be more of them in the coming years. It is not surprising because there are comfortable accommodation facilities and all learning conditions for foreigners in SUSU. They have a great opportunity to get acquainted with Russian culture and start speaking "the great and mighty" Russian language.

The SUSU Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics Successfully Performs Testing for Science and Industry


The Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics, which today is a part of the Public Research Institute for Test Mechanical Engineering, was established in South Ural State University in 2013. The laboratory helps SUSU scientists to solve scientific and research problems, and also conducts complex tests for industrial enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region and Russia.

Engineering Intellect in the Digital World: a Unique Laboratory Siemens is Getting Ready for the Opening at SUSU


The SUSU Center for Computing Engineering started to get ready for the opening of a unique laboratory, in which engineers in the field of production and product life cycle management will be trained.

Events of the Week of Sport at SUSU


From May 22th to May 27th a massive sport event called Week of Sport is being held across Chelyabinsk.

Everyone can find something to do here. New kinds of sports (flatball, flag football, archery tag, and more), educational training sessions, trips through the Yu.A. Gagarin Park in the form of daytime or nighttime bike quests, and the Festival of Sports, where the most progressive sports will be displayed – all of this is waiting for you.

On the schedule:

May 22

Scientific Findings of Master's Degree Students from Iraq Have Been Approved at the International Conference


Master's Degree students from Iraq majoring in Philology (Theory and Practice of English Language) presented the results of their research at the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference "Destiny of Ethnic Cultures Under Globalization" in Chelyabinsk State University. Under the supervision of academic advisors, who are the candidates of philological sciences, associate professors of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communication of SUSU (B.G. Fatkulin, E.I. Khabirova, E.S. Balandina), the postgraduates studied topical linguistic problems.

“Having a Museum of Art at a University is Quite Rare” – Interview with Galina Trifonova


Museum day, celebrated all around the word for more than 30 years, is May 18th. In honor of this holiday we spoke with the director of the SUSU Museum of Art, Galina Trifonova about the idea of creating a university museum and leading pieces of art and got to know one of the museum’s benefactors, Olga Grazdankina.

How many years old is the SUSU Art Hall?

The Closing of “The Week of SUSU Art 2017”


“The Week of SUSU Art 2017” is already over. Its closing ceremony was held on May 19 in the main building of SUSU.

Talented students of our university have uncovered their artistic skills in all art forms and participated in contests for five days. The participant Ansar Fatkulin has shared his impressions: “Everything was good and very creative. The people who organized this event did a great job. I was happy to come every day and see how they create something interesting.”

Posters of a SUSU First Year Student Decorated the Streets of Italy


In the beginning of May, the CHEAP festival of street poster art was held for the fifth time in the Italian city of Bologna. For this year’s theme, the organizers of the festival chose "Disorder, please!", suggesting artists and designers to create posters that would go beyond the artistic language, breaking the usual aesthetic order that fits in the dichotomy of “good / bad” , “decency / vandalism”, “legal / illegal”, and would bring up acute issues, reinforcing contradictions.

Vice-president of the University of Luxembourg Franck Leprévost: «I see a bright future for SUSU»


Franck Leprévost, Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg, visited the International School of Software Engineering at SUSU. The University of Luxembourg is in the world’s top 20 young universities in the world. In the interview, he talked about the importance of information security, his work experience, and the development of South Ural State University.

– Why is information security so important today?

“Museums are the Treasures of our Memory”: SUSU Archaeologists Celebrate their Professional Holiday


The international day of museums isn’t just for those who store valuable exhibits, but also for those who find these exhibits.

Archaeologist Aleksandr Tairov, doctor of historical sciences, director of the Eurasian Studies Research Center of the SUSU Institute of Socio-Humanitarian Sciences, has been completing digs in the South Ural region for many years. Among his “spoils” are some completely unique and surprising finds. Aleksandr Dmitriyevich told us about what a museum is in his understanding, how people find their roots and what a gorit is.

The Beginning of Big Science: Why is it Worth Going into Postgraduate Studies?


What are the goals people have when they enter postgraduate studies? Do postgraduates plan on developing science in their home university or will they try to go to a different scientific organization? What typically leads students in choosing a university to continue their education in postgraduate studies? Do postgraduate studies help develop careers outside of academics?

SUSU Invites to Celebrate the International Museum Day


On the18th of May the whole world celebrates the International Museum Day. This holiday officially exists since 1978, when during one of the International Council of Museums’ meeting it was decided to establish a new memorable date in the international calendar. Nowadays this holiday is celebrated in more than 150 countries, expressing appreciation and respect to museum workers and visitors.

Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg Will Hold Classes at SUSU


Over two days in the framework of the Software Engineering International School Franck Leprevost is going to talk about cryptography, science about confidentiality methods.

Franck Leprevost is a Vice-President of the University of Luxembourg, established in 2003. Today the university is ranked among Top-20 Best Young (less than 50 years from the date of foundation) universities of the world. 

Modern Developments of South Ural Scientists are Highly Appreciated at the International Conference “Prom-Engineering – 2017”


On May 16, the international scientific and technical conference “Prom-Engineering” was held at South Ural State University.

It is for three years already that SUSU is the base for holding the event. The annual organizers of the conference are still the South Russian State Polytechnic University (Novocherkassk), the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, and the Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok).

The Only Laboratory of Composite Materials in the South Ural Region is Working Successfully at SUSU


Since 2012, the Composite Materials Laboratory has been successfully developed at South Ural State University. It appeared as a result of the reorganization of the Composite Materials and Constructions Academic Research Center. Now, the laboratory is within the Expert Mechanical Engineering Research Institute and its research has significant theoretical and practical importance.

Week of Art Opens at SUSU


The SUSU Week of Art 2017 opened on May 15th. This is a project by students of the Institute of Architecture and Construction for students of our university.

Organizer Kseniya Yanova shared her emotions about the work completed.

“We did this for people so that they expressed themselves, so that they had more art in their lives. Of course we worried a lot, because it’s a large event, but we tried. We succeeded, although there were many problems with finding sponsors, equipment, and signing all of the orders.”

Alternative Future of Clean Power Engineering: SUSU Scientists Are Developing Material for Solar Arrays


Modern research in the sphere of solar power engineering give us hope that in the nearest future we will be able to use power energy while minimizing damage for the environment. Besides, switching to solar arrays of the new type will allow for considerable reduce expenditure for power consumption. At the present time SUSU scientists are actively conducting research in the sphere of solar energy use.

Games for the Best: Top Games 2017 at SUSU


Top Games 2017, “Games for the Best!,” a parliamentary debate competition, was held at SUSU. Participants from 15 cities and CIS countries came to Chelyabinsk to test their skills.

The event lasted 2 days. On May 13th and 14th at SUSU, university and school students competed to be called the best. Around sixty people from various universities were divided into 30 teams. Over 5 rounds, each participant was able to state his position “for” or “against”, depending on their placement.

SUSU Students Once Again Participate Successfully at the Putnam Mathematical Competition


The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the main mathematical competition for students from the USA and Canada. The founder and organizer is the Mathematical Association of America. By tradition (beginning in 1938!) the competition is held annually on the first Saturday of December and brings together around 2500 students from the USA and Canada. The competition is held across two three-hour sessions, where 6 problems are presented to be solved.

“There are no unsolvable problems,” – SUSU graduate, Director of the Palace of Culture Metallurg in Zlatoust, Dina Shvedkina


“There is joy solely in art – all the other things are vanity”. Dina Shvedkina graduated from Department of Economics of the SUSU’s constituent in Zlatoust in 2005, but her love to art brought her to becoming a Director of the Palace of Culture Metallurg.

-How did you choose your specialty and the university?

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