A SUSU Professor Translated a Film by an English Director


Graphic Means documentary on pre-computer-age desktop publishing and design has for the first time been released in Seattle this April. But it drew the attention of a SUSU Professor Pavel Pisklakov a year before at a preview in Warsaw. Already back then he was eager to make this film available for Russian audience. Though, Pavel did not have any significant experience in translation before beginning his work on Graphic Means.


SUSU Scientists Developed Unique Technology for Obtaining Healthful Yogurt


South Ural State University received patent for a producing method of yogurt product with increased content of exopolysaccharide kefiran. Researchers of the SUSU School of Medical Biology  determined that electrophysical exposure with the use of ultrasound positively influences on composition and viscosity of fermented milk products, and as a result on accumulation of biologically active components.

“To Set the Audience Hearts on Fire,” an Interview with the Chelyabinsk Participants of Contest “Student Miss and Mister of Russia”


The final show of the XI All-Russian Intellectual, Creative and Sports Contest “Student Miss and Mister of Russia 2017” will be held in Chelyabinsk on September 22-27. Shortly before the preliminaries we asked the participants representing SUSU, Vlad Novikov, and UralGUFK (Ural State University of Physical Education), Anna Evseeva, to share their emotions, their thoughts on the rivalry level, as well as their expectations of the finals.

Digital Technology Development Discussed at SUSU


A research-to-practice conference dedicated to modern digital technology in Industry 4.0 as known as “the fourth industrial revolution” was held at SUSU.

The fourth industrial revolution is mass adoption of cyber physical systems (an integration of computation resources into physical processes) into production. It is foretold that changes will affect different spheres of life: policy, labor market, technology processes, etc.

SUSU Matriculation Ceremony


On September 27 at 22:00 sharp, an annual event will take place at “Megapolis” Recreation and Entertainment Complex for all those who have just entered SUSU or are already students of our University — “LibraryLab” Matriculation Ceremony.

The Electronics of the Future will Become Much Smaller and Lighter: SUSU Researchers Discover a Unique Method to do This


The more global a goal, the more important the result. South Ural State University researchers have set a very difficult goal for themselves – create new crystal forms of carbon with a high amount of nitrogen. In the age of the rapid development of nanotechnologies of Industry 4.0, the use of such materials in electrochemistry and electronics will allow humanity to significantly improve the components of electronic devices.

SUSU Invites to the Final Show of the Contest “Student Miss and Mister of Russia 2017”


The final show of the all-Russian intellectual, creative and sports contest “Student Miss and Mister of Russia 2017” will be held in Chelyabinsk on September 22-27. South Ural State University acts as one of the organizers. The contest has been held annually starting from 2007, and it involves more than 70 regions of Russia.

SUSU Welcomed the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy


On September 19, the FIFA 2018 World Cup Trophy was displayed at South Ural State University.

The Cup of the FIFA World Football Championship is the major prize awarded to winners of the world championship, but which stays in ownership of FIFA. The six-kilogram trophy is made of pure gold. But the right to touch it only belongs to leaders of countries and winners of the football tournament.

At SUSU, the first one to see the Cup and take a memorable photo was Rector of South Ural State University Alexander Shestakov.

SUSU Scientists are Working on a Project for Saving Ecosystem of the South Ural’s Mining Zone


Historically, mining and processing industries at the South Ural have a great influence on people’s lives and on nature. Discovery of many pyrite deposits in the 20th century resulted in intensive development of the region’s non-ferrous metal industry, which negatively influenced the environment. Scientists today are facing an important task: researching and estimating the level of technological impact in order to help solving pressing ecological problems.

A Visit by the Cuban Delegation to SUSU: Meeting with Rector Alexander Shestakov


A visit by a delegation from Cuba began today at South Ural State University, within which SUSU Rector Alexander Shestakov met with the Director of the Russian-Iberoamerican International Center (RIIC), Berenice Najera Cervantes and Rector of the University of Guantanamo, Alberto Turro Breff.

Results of the SUSU Delegation’s Participation in the Conference in Spain


September 12-15th, in Seville (Spain), the 29th annual conference of the European Association for International Education (EAIE Conference and Exhibition) was held – a major event in the field of higher education in Europe. 19Russian institutions of higher education, participants of Project 5-100, including South Ural State University,presented Russian school of higher education at a joint nation-wide pavilion in the format of Study in Russia.

Students of SUSU’s Financial and Economic Specialties Invited to Participate in the CFO Generation Competition


The annual Russian contest for students of financial and economic specialties of the ACCA, CFO Generation, has begun. Registration for the contest has been extended until September 30th, 2017.

Moscow, September 12th, 2017 – ACCA Russia announces the beginning of the CFO Generation competition among students of financial and economic specialties. The contest is being held with the support of more than 20 leading universities and 15 large employers. 

Prospects for International Cooperation with Cuba Will Be Discussed at SUSU


Today, September 18, 2017, at the South Ural State University, a meeting will be held between the SUSU Rector Alexander Shestakov, Director of the RSSU Russian-Ibero-American International Center Berenice Najera Cervantes and Rector of the University of Guantanamo Alberto Turro Breff. The goal of the meeting is to discuss the prospects of international collaboration.

First Employer-sponsored Students of SUSU Take on Their Jobs at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant


First SUSU students who received employer-sponsored education have taken on their jobs at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (part of the “Mechel” Group). 26 students completed studies in various specialist fields under the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant’s program “Employer-sponsored Student”.

SUSU Student Wins at the International


The 29th Summer Universiade took place in Taipei on August 19th ‑ 30th. A SUSU student Anton Bulaev became a gold medalist at the Summer Universiade archery team competition for compound bow.

“I congratulate you on your high achievements and wish you more victories in the future! On behalf of the Ministry of Sports we will try to support you on your way to your goals,”Leonid Oder, the Minister of Sports for the Chelyabinsk Region congratulated the winners of the competitions at a gala reception.

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