SUSU Office of Academic Writing Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

Two years ago, on October 3, 2016 the Office of Academic Writing began its work at SUSU in order to integrate the research and teaching staff of SUSU into the world’s academic community. The services that the Office offers are in big demand among the university employees, since absolutely free of charge the authors get a complex assistance from tutors and professional consultants at all stages of preparing their scientific publications: starting with consulting on choosing a journal and executing an article and ending with editing of its English version by a native speaker. An important part of the Office activity is also training the research and teaching staff on the subtleties of academic writing, and as a result the courses attendees gain the skills of writing scientific papers for top-rated journals.

On the occasion of its birthday the Office of Academic Writing is receiving greetings and commencement messages from their colleagues:

“Today the Office of Academic Writing is a promising fresh division of SUSU, which is making a significant contribution into development of the academic literacy and the publishing activity of the university staff. Having started functioning within the frameworks of the project activity the Office has achieved considerable results over a short period of time. I wish creative inspiration, prosperity and bright ideas to the staff of the Office of Academic Writing!” notes Evgeny Belousov, Director of the Project Office for Programme 5-100 Management, Candidate of Sciences (Engineering), Associate Professor.

“The team of the Office of Academic Writing are big professionals who are truly devoted to what they do. Unique experience in the field of academic writing allows the translators, tutors and professional consultants to perform quality processing of the applications by the SUSU staff for preparation of scientific publications for the most authoritative international editions. I’d like to wish the Office new achievements, great results and good luck in everything they do!” shares Elena Yaroslavova, Director of the Institute of Linguistics and International Communications, Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Associate Professor.

Ksenia Volchenkova, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Candidate of Sciences (Pedagogy), Associate Professor: “I’d like to say huge thanks to the Office of Academic Writing for the hard work that they do to improve the publication activity of the university’s research and teaching staff, and I wish them not to stop developing their activity, keep up their successful work on educating SUSU scientists in the field of writing articles for the peer-reviewed journals, train tutors for rendering consulting services regarding searching for the journals, and continue teaching courses on advanced training in developing the academic writing skills!”

“I wish the Office to have more of literate and talented authors, to its leader – energy and creative success, and to its staff – patience and interesting projects!” congratulates the Office of Academic Writing Olesya Sharafutdinova, Candidate of Sciences (Philology), Associate Professor of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language.

Evgeniya Khabirova
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