“I like creating atmosphere of a celebration”: an Interview with the Head of SUSU’s School of Sound Operators and DJs

Since 2013, SUSU has a School of Sound Operators and DJs which is a musical educational project which allows training those who like the world of music, the art of sound engineering, deejaying and c-deejaying. Within the School students attend classes where they study the theory of sound, sonic equipment, and get practical knowledge. Graduates of the School are residents of the best clubs and entertainment institutions of the city. Head of the School of Sound Operators and DJs, Igor Nikolaev, told us about how to become successful in this sphere and what to expect from the new recruitment.

– How long have you been deejaying and why did you start?

– I started practicing sound engineering back in the Middle school by helping to provide sound for various events. I liked music and I liked creating the mood and the atmosphere of a celebration among audience by using the music.

– In your opinion, what is the most important in this activity? What qualities should one possess in order to become successful in this sphere?

– The most important thing is desire; you won’t go far without it. Any activity starts with desire and determined goals which need to be achieved in order to achieve success.

– How long ago the School of Sound Operators and DJs was established at SUSU? What gave an impact for its creation? How did the School change since that time?

– The School of Sound Operators and DJs has been existing since 2013, and the impact for its creation was the fact that founders of the School decided to share their experience with students and teach them fundamental knowledge in this sphere. The School is changing year after year, but only for the best; each year the number of the School attendees increases; everyone brings new ideas for its development.

– What do students do at the School of Sound Operators? Are there any achievements or success?

– After the training, students help in providing sound for various events at SUSU, and then we introduce them at the city level.

– What are your plans for the nearest academic years?

– Ahead is a new recruitment and new people; we want to teach everyone so that everyone can find oneself in this area and could perfect one’s skills in the future.

Marina Kovyazina
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