Master’s Students in External Communications and Information Technology – Coveted Prey for Headhunters

Work or study? This exact question pops up in the minds of yesterday’s students after obtaining their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. A Bachelor’s degree, without a doubt, will help them make their first steps in their careers; however, a Master’s degree gives graduates better opportunities in the modern labor market. Master’s programs of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications train professionals in language studies, Russian as a foreign language, linguistics, and geoinformation systems.

The ILIC Master’s program in Philology is especially popular among graduates of Russian and international universities. Masters of philology always find work they enjoy: in multicultural communications, in large state and commercial structures, in the media, in publishing houses, or in education, science, or business.

“The Master’s program in Comparative, Historical, Typological, and Contrastive Language Studies is aimed at graduates who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in philology, linguistics, or other humanities fields. Graduates of this program are hired in academic and cultural organisations, work successfully in the media in international communications and in other fields of social and humanitarian activities,” notes Director of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications Elena Yaroslavova.

Master’s program in Russian as a Foreign Language has been very in-demand among international students over the last several years.

“Once completing this program, our graduates earn both their Master’s degree in Philology and knowledge of modern literary Russian, language education, testing techniques, and the invaluable experience of international communication,” says Elena Yaroslavova. “Graduates can freely speak Russian in all fields of communication; work professionally in Russian as translators, diplomats, or managers; and have the right to conduct teaching and research work in the sphere of Russian.”

For the third year in a row, the Theory and Practice of English Master’s program has been attracting attention from both Russian and international applicants. Its distinctive feature is that all lessons are taught in the language of Shakespeare.

Due to the wide development of the IoT field and digitalization of international manufacturing and collection and analysis of information using BigData, the Geoinformation Systems in Management Master’s program in the management field is most relevant.

Photo: Geoinformation Systems REC

“This program is unique because graduates are competent in organization, management, analysis, research, and education on management processes and organizations using modern geoinformation technologies,” notes the SUSU ILIC Director.

During their education, students study unique disciplines: Geospatial Analysis in Solving Management Tasks; Natural Resource Management Using GIS; Geographical Positioning in Management”; and more. Very interesting research and training occurs at the unique Geoinformation Systems Research and Education Center at SUSU.

Photo: Clark University (USA)

Additionally, Master’s program students can complete education through a Double Degree program with Clark University (USA). After studying abroad for 1-2 semesters, the graduates earn their Master’s degree in managing information systems and excellent knowledge of English. Upon completing their education, all those willing are provided an opportunity to complete internship at American companies.

You can get more information about the Master’s programs of the SUSU Institute of Linguistics and International Communications at:

Address: 76 Lenina Prospect, Chelyabinsk 454080
Room 158, Main university building
Tel.: +7 351 272 32 42

Oksana Kuvakina, Elena Yaroslavova; photo: Oleg Igoshin, SUSU school of photography, archives of Elena Yaroslavova
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