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SUSU Students Took Training at “Family School” at the “7fest: vse ryadom!” Festival

The educational event “Family School” was held within the frameworks of the grant project of the Regional Family Festival “7fest: vse ryadom!” (“7fest: Everyone Is Close!”) by South Ural State University with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, on November 7th. At the event, plenary speeches were made by professionals in the field of youth policy of the region, trends in the development of modern youth labour market, problems of housing and banking sectors for young families, and organization of charity events aimed at solving burning problems of young people.

More Than 150 International Students Will Be Studying Russian at SUSU

The matriculation ceremony of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language for students from China, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, India, Morocco, Zimbabwe, America and many other countries, was held at South Ural State University. The students will be studying Russian for a whole year.

The matriculation ceremony is a start of a new stage in life of anyone who wants to study Russian. For international students this means a new country, new friends, language, culture, new life in Russia.

Emerson Invites SUSU Students and Postgraduates to Advanced Training Courses

A presentation of a new advanced training course will be held November 19th at 13:00 in Room 434/3б.

The 2019-2020 continuing education course from Emerson is based on development of the skills necessary for professionals in the field of designing, implementation and operation of modern automated systems for controlling technological processes.

The training will be held in a new laboratory utilizing innovative technologies by Emerson.

Contents and features of the program:

2nd All-Russian Student Olympiad on Economic Security to Be Held at SUSU

On November 21-22, the 2nd All-Russian Student Olympiad on Economic Security will be held at the Department of Economic Security of the School of Economics and Management of South Ural State University.

The Olympiad participants will have to both complete theoretical contest tasks and solve business cases similar to real practical situations. Moreover, in the course of the Olympiad, the participants will be presenting the conducted research studies in the field of Economic Security.

Elite Cultural Events in the Elite Education Cluster of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

In the elite education cluster of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of the SUSU Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, not only mandatory intensive linguistic training has been organized and the number of master classes by media specialists has been increased for 1st-year students specialized in Journalism, as well as Advertising and Public Relations, but also a programme of special elite cultural events has been developed. Freshmen, the future media specialists went to Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theatre to watch Joan of Arc (The Maid of Orleans) opera by P.I.

SUSU and Everypixel Group Created Artificial Intelligence Centre in Chelyabinsk

Korpus academia, founded by Everypixel Group company, and the Department of System Programming of the SUSU School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science have created a Research and Development Centre of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at our university.

International KVN Humour Show Day: SUSU Teams to Perform in Open Training League Finals

The celebration of the International KVN Humour Show Day, as well as the KVN Open Training League Finals, in which SUSU teams will participate, are to be held today.

The six KVN teams of South Ural State University differ in style of humour, presentation of material, and amount of experience. The most important thing is that all students are friendly and help each other to prepare for the games. Currently, the School of Humour “Liga Otkrityi” (League of Discoveries) is being held at SUSU within the frameworks of Rosmolodezh grant project.

URAL FEST: Trainings and Sports Games for Forum Participants

November 14th through November 16th, South Ural State University will host a big-scale Ural Festival of Students (URAL FEST) Forum dedicated to international students studying in Russian universities. The event is held by the South Ural Association of International Students, which is located at SUSU.

Lenin, Dante and Homer Met at the SUSU Historian’s Day

The Historian’s Day was held at the South Ural State University Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities. On this day, senior students traditionally hold the matriculation ceremony for freshmen of the Faculty of History.

This matriculation ceremony is a good tradition that formed at the Faculty many years ago. It has been carefully sustained and maintained for more than 20 years now.

Psychologists Develop a Formula for Finding Efficient Managers and Leaders

Within the frameworks of psychological innovative auditing, South Ural State University researchers have developed a typology, which is based on leadership and management styles and aims at determining the optimal strategies for increasing both individual and team efficiency of managers. The results have been published in the highly-rated journal, "Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies".

“Job Fair” of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Held at SUSU

On November 1, 2019, the “Job Fair” of the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science was held at South Ural State University. Leading companies in the IT sector and electronics of Chelyabinsk and Russia, as well as more than 200 students interested in getting a job attended the job fair.

“Prospects of Information Technologies” IT School Has Opened at SUSU

The "Prospects of Information Technologies" school was founded for students of IT fields at South Ural State University. Elena Bunova, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Technology in Economics of the SUSU School of Economics and Management spoke about the formation and future plans of the “Prospects of Information Technologies” school.

– How did the “Prospects of Information Technologies” school come to be?

SUSU Projects Won 3 Medals at Agricultural Exhibition “Golden Autumn 2019”

South Ural State University presented its scientific projects at the Russian Agricultural Exhibition “Golden Autumn 2019”. The university’s developments in the field of processing and storage of agricultural products were highly appreciated and awarded a silver and two bronze medals.

The Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the SUSU School of Medical Biology presented its developments in the “Innovative Developments in the Field of Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products” nomination.

SUSU Took Part in Russia-Africa Summit

The Russia-Africa Summit, co-chaired by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Chairman of the African Union, was held in Sochi, October 23rd through October 24th. Valeria Chachina, the South Ural State University specialist of the International Student Support, took part in the forum.

SUSU Students Presented Their Project in the Steel Start Contest

The final of the Steel Start - Accelerator of Projects for the Metallurgical Industry of Chelyabinsk Region contest was held at the site of the regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation in Chelyabinsk. Students of South Ural State University presented their project, which was highly appreciated by representatives of leading metallurgical enterprises in the region.

Acting Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan Learned More about the Options of Partnership with SUSU

For the first time, South Ural State University was visited by the Acting Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan Yusufdzhon Nabiev. During the visit, meetings were held with the leadership of the SUSU departments and with students.

SUSU International Students Took Part in “AIS-party”

“AIS-party”, an event for international students, organized by the South Ural State University Association of International Students, took place on October 27th.

The event was held in order to introduce new international students to other students, and inform them about the Association of International Students activity. The concert program included art performances by students from all around the globe. Also, the students competed in various contests and lotteries, where they had a chance to win thermo mugs, t-shirts and flash drives with SUSU logo on them.

SUSU Will Host the 13th International Youth Cooking Festival

On November 22nd, the 13th International Youth Cooking Festival will be held at South Ural State University. This cooking event, which has already become a tradition, is held for school pupils of (forms 8 to 11) and students of secondary technical schools.

The festival is organized by SUSU, represented by the Department of Production Technology and Catering Organisation of the Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service, and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science for the Chelyabinsk Region.

The festival program will feature five categories:

South Ural State University celebrates frightening holiday

Students of South Ural State University always take part in celebrating Halloween. This year students of Institute of Linguistic and International Communication and our international students from different schools and institutes make decorations and prepare bright costumes of witches, ghosts, pirates, monsters, skeletons, vampires, and many other creepy characters. Their makeup is very colorful and convincing.

SUSU Postgraduate Became a Priz-Winner of the Weldex/Rossvarka 2019 Exhibition

The 19th International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies Weldex/Rossvarka 2019 was held in Moscow. A postgraduate student of South Ural State University took first place in one of the engineering categories.

At present, the Weldex/Rossvarka 2019 exhibition is the biggest specialized welding exhibition in Russia, in the former Soviet Union (USSR) countries, as well as one of the biggest welding exhibitions in Europe and in the world.

Moscow&Detroit: SUSU Associate Professor Representing Our University at a Symposium in the USA

Associate Professor of the Department of Theology, Culture, and Arts Evgeniya Konysheva represented South Ural State University at a Moscow&Detroit: Transnational Modernity in the Built Environment international scientific symposium in University of Michigan, which holds the 21st place in the world university ranking.

SUSU Holds a Series of Off-site Interactive Presentations for Applicants

South Ural State University actively organizes career guidance work with applicants. In October, the Faculty of Pre-University Education, jointly with the schools and institutes, began a series of off-site interactive presentations for students of Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk Region secondary schools.

SUSU Student Wins Grand Prix in the Internet of Things Project Contest

Samsung Electronics, the Korean company, held the interuniversity finals of the Internet of Things Project Contest in MIREA – Russian Technological University, in Moscow. 12 projects in the “Research” and “Business and Society” categories were presented. According to the results of the contest, two residents of Chelyabinsk became laureates: Sergey Аntonov , who won the 2-nd place in the “Business and Society” category, and а Samsung IoT Academy graduate Sergey Кuznetsov , who won the Grand Prix.

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